Saturday, June 29, 2013

Talitha Cumi and SandS Club!

There has been a girls club called “Talitha Cumi” that has been operating in the Tamaki P.I.P.C area for the past 3 years. It is rostered with games, food/snacks, activities, art, trips and outings, bible studies and a whole lot more. This is for girls/ladies in our community ages 7 and up. Come along as sisters and join the Talitha members and leaders to have fun.

Alongside, also a new boys club has just started/opened up at the beginning of this year 2013. It is now called, “SandS” standing for ‘Sure’ and ‘Steadfast.’ SandS also holds activities like the girls. This is for boy 7 and up in our community to come and join.

Trust me! You’ll love it and you will also learn new things!

Where: Tamaki P.I.P.C, 35 Pt England road Glen Innes, Auckland, NZ
What: A heap of activities and fun games:
Schedule plannings
Bible Studies
When: Girls club, every Wednesdays the second week of every month. Boys club, every Tuesdays the first week of every month.
Time: 6:00-8:00
COME ALONG AND JOIN US. But remember to register yourself at the entry door of the hall!
Watch the video above to show you what it looks like and so it could help you with your imagination.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weet Bix vs Nutri-Grain (Cereal Comparison)

Our team of students from the group of A1 in literacy were to find out the difference and similarities between the two cereal packages of 'Weet-Bix and Nutri-Grain.'

Mrs Nua also gave us questions to fill out:

WALT: Find and consider information from various sources. Looking at Visual Images and the messages they convey.

OUR AIM: To compare the nutritional value of two breakfast cereals.

1. What messages are given to you, the consumer, just by looking at the packaging? We read the facts and find out out many things it could help us with.

2. What do you think about the colouring of the two packages? Weet-bix shows bright and vibrant colours to make the weet-bix look unique and outstanding. Nutri grain has an old, hard steel that gives us a sign that our body could be as hard as steel.

3. Which one do you prefer and why? I prefer weet-bix

4. Which one do you think is better for you and why? Because it is NZ’s number 1 breakfast cereal and it is 97% whole grain and low sugar. And it is also my favourite ever cereal!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hosannah- Awesome World!

We were given a task to create a movie to make the world more AWESOME! Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment! "Here is Awesome World" by Hosannah!