Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How Can I Achieve My Goal In Every School Subject

I have been thinking to myself, “What will I do to achieve my goal in Maths?” My goal is to use really good strategies and to be part whole. What do you think? In my thinking head right now, I am thinking that I should just listen really carefully and, to just never give up. Another thing I should do is practice it at home a lot of time.

That wasn’t the only subject I should achieve in but I want to try and be a better author on my Personal Blog. I am just so happy that I have written tuns of stories and posting it to the blog. What should I do to be a better writer? Do you think I should use some really good vocabulary’s, or should I use the right punctuations? I bet you that a lot of people will think that I should use both thing along with, a great looking plan and making sense.

Now, I am going to tell you what I would do to move up another level in reading. Well, I will just read and read at home. That was simple, but what else should I do? OOOOoooohh now I know what I should do. I should comprehend and know how to re-tell the story I read.

I just want to be a hard working boy at school. I will never be like that, BUT WAIT! I actually can. For me to be a hard working boy, I am going to not be lazy and I will always do what I am suppose to do. I will stand strong if I want to reach every goal in every subject. There is one word that will always be in every goal and that word is “ACHIEVE!”

My parents always want me to get a good report. I just want to make them happy and proud of me. I think I should work REALLY! Hard in school. Now If they are proud me, then I am proud of myself.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Having a Humorous Time At Camp Bentzon

In the very recent past, all the year sixes attended to go to Camp Bentzon along with some parent helpers and teachers. Well not all the year sixes went, but we arrived to Kawau Island with a yawn and a sigh. I was really tired from waking up at 6:30AM! I was happy to be at Kawau Island already.

Now, I am tell you about my FAVOURITE activity! Well there was the Burma Trail, we built a hut, Sailing, kayaking, KAYAKING!!......... Ever tried it before? Well it was my favorite activity. It was called Stingray Bay and it also was rocky and sandy until we found a hole that looked really magical. It wasn’t magical but it was a very important hole on the island that was made by some men in the olden days. It is a long story. It WAS AMAZING! To be inside a really dark and important hole.

My second favorite activity is going to Abseiling with Kawau A, Mr Somerville and Rodney ( Marvin’s dad) I felt really scared as soon as I saw a big looking Abseiling Wall. Everyone made it back down and we were all proud of ourselves. Especially those who didn’t want to do it. I felt really happy after making it back down.

In third place, was having a really good time of laughter doing the Burma Trail. We had to find a partner, then one partner had to be blind folded and follow the long rope. We also had to listen to what the other partner was telling us to do. I felt really trapped after MR SOMERVILLE kept tricking me. It was so funny because I gave him his payback when it was his turn. I had a TREMENDOUS TIME!

When ever it is free time, I always want to play my favorite sport which is VOLLEY - BALL!! My favorite thing doing in volley is spiking it and setting it over the net. I usually just want to have a humorous time.

MMMM....... “Time for mr Coup’s delicious food." We say. Mr Coup is a really good chef who can cook the most loveliest bread in the world. My favourite food for dinner was his Lasagna. We were just so happy to have him at Camp Bentzon. My wish was to have him as my GRANDPA!!

On the last night, we had a concert. It was a challenge between Kawau, Bentzon, Mansion, and Katz. Everyone participated in each group BUT!....... The group I was in had WON! I think we won the camp concert because we had a lot teamwork and courage. My best character was Tui because she was so funny acting as Sally Va’afusuaga. All of us had a cheerful laugh at her.

It was really sad to leave Kawau Island after all the great fun we had. The good news was that we got to see our parents and siblings again!! I was so sad because I didn't want to leave. All the year sixes will never forget Kawau Island. I have something to say. I just want to thank all the parent helpers, the teachers, and especially Mrs Flavelle organizing the wonderful Camp and for watching over us while we were there.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Camp Thoughts

Tomorrow morning at around 7:00, all the year sixes are going to a beautiful island called, “Kawau Island.” Well not everyone is going but I am excited to go to camp Bentzon.

I feel so happy about going to another place in New Zealand besides Auckland. I think we are going to have LOADS! Of fun. I have never been to Kawau Island before but I am looking forward to going on a fun trip. I have been living in Auckland for many, many years.

Thinking about my family, I am so going to miss them so much. I think I will cry about leaving my parents and sisters alone. But I think they just want me to have fun. my sisters are a head ache any way.

Fun activities are going to happen there I know because I have heard a lot from my year 7 friends. They just make me feel like going already. I think we are going to be having a terrific time with our friends and teachers. My though is that we are going to finish all the activities each day.

This is a might feel. I might feel sad about coming back or I might be happy. I know it is going to be great to see my family. But is it great leaving Kawau Island?