Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

I would like to say Happy Holidays to everyone!! Also, I hope you enjoy your exciting holiday which God has blessed you with. Everyone should be very excited and determined about another enthusiastic time out of school. May we still learn some things and relax most of the time. Anyway,

About Me!!

Hi, my name is Hosannah Setefano and I am 11 years old.  I am a year 7 student at Pt England School and I am enjoying it at the moment!!  My teacher is Mr Harris for 2012. He is an enthusiastic and a vibrant man in everything he does and yet, he will not fail to teach us in any times. I hope you  readers/audience love my blog posts. My nationality is "Samoan" all of you may have known from reading my "Proud To Be A Samoan" story.  I have my own personality and we are all unique we are all one of a kind. Life is happy and is getting complicated every time. How about you? Anyway, I am really proud to have a family that is very special to me and is always there for me. I will always love them just as they love meeee!!! I am a true christian and I go to Tamaki P.I.C. We have a big family there and my uncle, (my grandfathers young brother) is the minister.  I will always put God and my Family before any one else.  We should all be having a long, living, loving, happy LIFE!!! Here are some pictures of my life.

Monday, June 25, 2012


During the week, Room 19 has been doing art and reading mainly. In our reading we read a lot of articles and one of them was about.... Residents in a small town out of Boston in the US are banning people for swearing public (because the residents voted). Every time they swear, they will be getting a fine of US $20. This happened recently and the people involved in this are the residents, the people swearing public, and the police chiefs. We have also been learning about a word called, " Profanity!" Do you know what it means? Well it means swearing or insulting God. If you are already interested in this, here is a link to show you what we have been reading. There's another link I forgot.

When is the right time to swear? Well, in my family, we aren’t allowed to swear because we were disciplined and we are CHRISTIANS!!! What do you think about swearing?

People say the only time we can swear is when we are out of school and out of church.  But that’s not actually true, “WHY?” Because no one can control our mouths in what we say, even though God does, but he gives us a free willing whether we choose to do the right or the wrong.  

If you are not allowed to swear at all, then don’t! We are all humans here (apart from animals and other living creatures) on Earth and when ever you just want to swear, hold it and calm your mind down. If you’re upset with another person, it doesn't mean it’s time for you to swear. So my warning for you is..........
What does the word "Slang" mean? The top
answer is.....
A type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, or using abusive language.

Thanks to Vanilla Fa'amausili for checking my work and saying it is a good story she is connected to.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Proud To Be A 'Samoan'

 Being a Samoan is a very cool thing!!!! All my life I have been doing and believing in the Samoan culture, in Samoan it is called, “ Le gagana Samoa.” Back in the island, I enjoyed learning a lot of things from my own culture.

What it is like to be an islander is that we get to see how it is in that pacific world. My family and I are christian and we believe in God a LOT!! I go to Tamaki P.I.P.C. Do you know why I am proud to a Samoan? Because I am just USE TO IT!!!!!!!! I was raised up with a discipline. Whenever I go home and turn on the T.V, my mother is always shouting out, “FAI LOU MEA AOGA!!” It means, “DO YOUR HOMEWORK!” If you were a Samoan, what do you think life would be like? Do you think it will be harder? Do you think it will be easier? To me, it is just happier than ever.

There is only one person I can always rely to. That person is, ‘God.’ He is alway by my side and is my one and only God. He has been forgiving me and has never made my life bitter.

I feel really happy and determined of what might be happening in the future.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Solar Plane Complete Mission

A plane flew from "Switzerland" to "Morocco" just by the sun's Ray.  (It was powered by the Sun's Ray.)

I have heard that the flying machines wings are covered in Solar panels which turns the Sun's ray into electricity. The engineer (fixers) are hoping that they will be travelling around the world by 2014. 

It happened on the first 24 hours test flight (mid 2012.)   Do you know why? Because they were testing it to see how far it can go. There goal was to show that Emissions Free Travel

I think that the pilots, engineers, and companies are happy that they have just explored something.

Thank you Samson for checking my work.