Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank You Johnson and Johnson - Variety

In the recent past  (Friday last week,) Students at Pt England School  were each given presents sponsored by the Johnson and Johnson company.

After a great assembly in the hall performing our items in front of the junior kids, a white van suddenly turned into our school car-park and stopped right in the middle. I could see red bags from the distance as everyone turned around.

Welcoming the people who had just arrived to the stage was Mr Burt with a funny smile. It seemed to be a surprise. But!! “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.” We sang boringly. With enthusiasm, a girl whom had led the line onto the stage stepped forward. She was the owner for Johnson and Johnson. Wait, Johnson and Johnson??

Mr Burt said they were a group of elves who have come to deliver each one of us a CHRISTMAS PRESENT!! Wicked. Surprisingly, the elves made the their way to the van and came back with about 8 BIG sacks of presents.

At the end of the day, everyone went home happily with presents. I was given a wooden game names ‘Wood Worx.’

First of all I would like to thank the Johnson and Johnson company for a good surprise to our school. I appreciate what you have done to our school. Hopefully we will cherish it and learn something from it.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook Reflection - 2013

Tapping pencils, getting sore hands, messy writing, completing tasks delayingly, BORING!!!! To light up our learning, students at P.E.S have been using net books (mini-laptops.) This change was happily decided by Mr + Mrs Burt three years ago.

As a year 8 student here at Pt England School, I cannot imagine what learning would have felt like without an electrical device which is opened....... DAILY!! Having net books had been an inspiration. Learning with pencils and books in other schools are just... normal. But luckily at Pt England School, students were fortunate enough to use net books as tools which has access to the internet for us all to experience new things.

The main purposes for net books at P.E.S is for us to discover, learn, create and share. Not only do we use net books, but we also use cameras, as well as iPads, flip videos and many more.

My name is Hosannah Setefano and I am a year 8 student at Pt England School. I have enjoyed using net books 

and I would like to thank Mr and Mrs Burt for the big, fun surprise they have happily brought to school.

Monday, December 9, 2013

NELSON MANDELA: "Hero of South Africa!" 1918-2013

Recently (Friday 6th, July) A world-wide legendary, Nelson Mandela had shockingly passed away. Nelson Mandela was a big history maker internationally and had lived for a great wopping 95 years.

Here is my story:

Nelson Mandela was first brought up in a land of sheep and cattle. He said, “ I was not born with the hunger to be free, I was born to be free.” He had just begun to hunger his freedom after it had been taken away. Before he was being called Nelson, his name real name was Rolihlahla. But his teacher Miss Mtgine wanted a christian name for him. After a conversation with his teacher, he was called ‘Nelson.’

When Nelson pursued his law studies, he joined the African National Congress. Nelson Mandela said that the ANC’s task was to unite and build a nation out of the people in South Africa. In 1955, the ANC called among all people of racism to come together to approve the “Freedom Charter.” All people were treated equally after all.

Nelson Mandela was locked in prison for 27 years for refusing the pro-apartheid government.  After Nelson was set free, he worked to achieve human rights. Meaning for all people of South Africa to have freedom for a good future. He was born in 1918 and had spent time in prison from 1962-1990.

How did Nelson Mandela get so famous?

He has been fighting all along against the bad government and those people causing racism on skin color. Mandela was known as the ‘Hero’ of South Africa’ after having the courage of standing up to people filled with greed. He also became the first black president for South Africa in 1994 and retired in 1999. Nelson Mandela now a days is still inspiring to people around the world and is also respected for bringing wisdom to the people of South Africa.

I am also inspired by the amazing surprise Nelson has brought to the world.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Swimming - @ Y.M.C.A Pools G.I

gif maker
Us, Seniors had an opportunity of going down to the Y.M.C.A pools daily to lean more skill. Also to improve + realise the importance of why swimming could help us understand the lives and risks of others who have just recently passed away from accidents including the depth of water. Many have increased during swimming trainings.
 I really enjoyed swimming this term and to the instructors and managers of Y.M.C.A............

Thank you so much for welcoming and comforting us for the past two weeks.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Static Images

W.A.L. About Statistics.

Statistics are the images that you see and how they affect you and make you feel in different ways. Well our literacy task was to find an image (labelled for re-use) and answer the questions from the white-board.

What is the photo about? The photo is about a man spiritually ascending to heaven while his wife, who in real life before the train crash treated him badly and wasn’t accepted to paradise with him.

How does the image effect you? It reminds me of the struggles we go through in life and the temptations we get during it. This picture tells us how we should be humble, trustworthy and thankful for what we get.

What is the unique part of the photo? The unique and interesting part of this image is seeing the ascendant of a man to heaven with the cool coloured sky in the background.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hosannah - Yearbook Movie

Hosannah - Yearbook movie from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is my yearbook movie for my last year at Pt England School. It is dedicated to all the teachers and people at P.E.S! Thank you all!

Hosannah Mihi-Mihi

Kia ora koutou
Greetings to you all

Who have gathered here today
Kua hui mai nei

To this gathering
ki tenei huihuinga

To bring
Ki te mau mai

The good thoughts.
I nga whakaaro pai.

Ka nui te koa
Great is the happiness

mo to koutou maia
for your strength

ki te haere mai
in coming

ki te awhina
to support/help

nga kaupapa
the topics

e pa ana ki tenei hui
concerning this gathering

Hosannah - Episode 7 "Anne and Michael's Goats!"

Hosannah - Goat Problem from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hosannah - Episode 4 'Barks Burgers'

Future Aspirations!!!

Making my way to the hall with excitement, I was hoping to be persuaded by the speakers talking to us about how to make good decisions for a good future. These inspirational people had recently made changes in their lives or had achieved their goals since the young ages (and most of them came from the east of Auckland.)

‘Today is the day I start making a fresh, good and new personality.’ I said to myself. Meeting famous stars from New Zealand and Worldwide is very dream catching. Arriving to the hall, the year seven and eight students of Pt England School were separately assigned. Year 7’s in the hall with ‘Tristan Pang’ who is a 12 year old student attending a school in Mt. Eden called ‘Ficino’ and is a year 13!!!!!!!!!! And also is excited for university. And Aisha who is a Marine Biologist.

In the street were the 8’s who were with Mosa Mafileo and Emma Brown. My favourite speaker of the day who really inspired me was Mosa Mafileo. He was hilarious with his jokes and tempting for good choices. Mosa told us to chase our ‘ddrrreeeaammmsss’ but not only that, we have to make sure we catch it. That was the most inspiring quote I had heard and also made my day.

“My goal is to catch my dreams and turn it into a reality.”

Hosannah and Dante - Podcasting

Recently, we have been keeping up with book written by NZ author's. My book is entitled,  'Nasty, Stinky Sneakers' written by Eve

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hosannah - Episode 3, Petals Around the Roses!

This is my third equation for the dice game, 'Petals Around the Roses.'

Hosannah - Maths Episode 2,, Golf-ball Question!

Here is my second maths movie of turning the, 'Golf-balls' upside down by only using three balls.

Hosannah - Episode 1, How Many Triangles?

Guess and see how many triangles you can spot.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lisia and Hosanna, 'The Girl Who Survived.'

Sannah and Siah from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

In term 3, Lisia and I created a movie. Our task was to make a film from events in history so we made a movie about a little girl named, 'Bronia Brandman' who survived in the holocaust in World War II. All the information was found from a book I had read 2 years ago entitled, "The Girl Who Survived."
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Who is the 'Banana Thief?' - Narrative Writing

With enthusiasm, I spread out a picnic sheet under the gigantic tree which blocked me from the bright sun. It was a hot day packed with many people whom came to visit the animals at the best zoo in town, 'Mysterious, Animal World!' In the distance were, rabbits endlessly jumping high in the air, turtles slowly crawling onto the sand as it dries itself in the sun, venomous snakes viciously spiking tongues through the glass window, and 'Monkeys,' the worst animals in town or should I say on earth.

Carelessly throwing my picnic basket and banana box in the shade, I started to walk through an adventurous aisle to have a look at the awesome view of animals. Keeping an eye under the tree which had suddenly zoomed out from the vision of mine , I had just realised that I've gone too far. Slowly stumbling back towards the tree, luckily everything was still in place since the very beginning. 

"Should I visit the monkeys?" I humbly asked myself. Nah, just a waste of time. In the car park were entertaining elephants. So I decided to take a look. 

Peeking out for the basket, I see that my banana box had gone missing! Worryingly running round and round to look for my bananas, 'Who has been a cheeky pants and decided to steal? Thats unusual in Animal World.’

From behind the tree was a wagging tail and on the other side w-w-was was BANANA PEELS!. Wondering what it was, I slowly sneaked up towards the left hand side which had banana peels.

Taking a deep breath, I faced my fears and confidently stood straight.
“MMOONNKKEEYYSS!!” Eating my banana......  

'Slip, Slop, TOMATO FIGHT!'

France is pretty hot over here compared to Auckland.
Yes, yes I’m in France staying with my aunt Tania and Uncle Teanui for the holiday. AND EVERYTHING HERE WAS 1/2 price! Chhooiice, or should I say, ‘choix.’

My ‘family’ and I were in town shopping for something special...... They said it was a surprise for me. But goggles, togs, gloves, what were they thinking? All that I could think of being a surprise for me in France was swimming. But it was no difference to Auckland.

As I waited outside from the entrance door, an annoying voice from a speaker unexpectedly spoke up. The echoing vocal came from far away in all different directions. Panicking, I ran inside to my cousins and told them what I had saw and heard. ‘Don’t worry Raphael, your surprise is COMING NEAR!’ They answered horridly.

From the distance, every single person from outside faced to the biggest tower in town. WHAT!? I don’t get it. Suddenly, the tower squirted out blood and created a stream which flowed near us!

Frightfully dropping my jaws with horrific feelings, a war began! “What’s that smell? OMG, its tt-tt-ttoomm..... TOMATOES!”

Within a minute or two of crazy clowns fighting and enjoying themselves, I became irritated with people spiking me in the face big time. So my only choice was to join them.

Slipping and slopping in the Tomato pool, I had the best time of my life. Benecio, Aaron and I jumped off from the high buildings down to the refreshing tomato which shivered me up.

With embarrassment, my cousins and I were growled at for joining in without the rest of the family and had to go home. Apart from that, tomatoes made my day.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

'Who let the Crocodile OUT!?'

“Son, hop in the car we’re goin’ to Aunt Bam’s house!” Mum shouted from the kitchen as I played outside.

Scurrying towards the car with excitement, I jumped in, and CLANG! “AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!” I cried out. The door jammed my finger. Mum saw what was happening from the kitchen and ran outside to me with an ice-pack. As the pack burned on my left index finger, all that I could think of doing at Aunt Bam’s house was just sitting down and reading a book. I HATE BOOKS!!

Driving through to Aunt Bam’s house onto the grass, I wondered if my cousin John was there. Poor mum had to open my door. Anyway, I felt like the KING OF THE WORLD!!........ (I wish.)
Slowly walking inside the door entrance, I hugged Bam and asked for John.
“No, John’s not here, he went to his friends Birthday Party, but other wise, you can watch T.V and read a Book?”

Loudly conversations were made with laughter from the dining room by Mum and Bam. I opened up a book called, ‘WOW!’ It looked pretty interesting because there was no picture on its cover. Leaning back onto the comfy lazy-boy seat, I began to read.

I realised that books could start to be one of my hobbies. This book ‘WOW’ had got me connected and made my day! As I read on through, something strange happened to the chair. It rocked, it roared, it made weird noises like a squeaking, creepy and horrid door which leads its way to DARKNESS! ‘Nah, it’s just the thing itself.’ I thought.

But it WAS’NT!!! Slowly crawling out from behind me was a-a-a-a-a............ CROCODILE!

It creeped up towards mum and aunt Bam whom were having a fun time. Staying quiet was I.


Monday, October 21, 2013


Thanks-giving is a holiday many countries around the world celebrate such as: United States, Canada and loads of other European countries. In New Zealand, Thanks-Giving isn’t very popular.

This occasion ‘Thanks-Giving’ was first held in the U.S 4th November, 1863 and lasted for 3 days. But is usually celebrated on 28th November now a days.

Along with Christmas and New Years, Thanks-Giving all around the world has been a part of a border, ‘Holiday Season.’  52 Pilgrims attended the first Thanks-giving including John Alden, William Bradford, Priscilla Mullins, and Miles Standish.

Thanks-Giving is a celebration for us all to give thanks to the man above for his miraculous blessing which continuously sprinkles upon us.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hexagonal Learning - Matching Words

Hexagon - Matching Words from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

In room 15, we've been doing some 'Hexagonal Learning.' Htawara and I (partner) and along with some of the other class members were first given four shaped of Hexagon papers and we had to write four words that we could match together in connection of reasons why.
P.S, I hope my explanation is clear enough.

Friday, August 30, 2013

My Son is Naughty!

Jacks Sons from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Lisia and I made a film from the question (below) we had to answer. I was chosen to explain how we worked it out and solved it.

My Son is Naughty
Jack and Ray were at the rugby. Ray’s team was winning 
so Jack decided to give Ray a problem to deflate his ego a 
bit. So Jack said “Did you know that today is my three 
sons’ birthday?” “How old are they?” Ray asked taking 
the bite. “I’ll give you a hint. The product of their ages is 
36 and the sum of their ages is 13,” Jack replied. “That’s 
no help,” said Ray. So Jack weakened and gave him 
another clue. “O.K. My youngest son is very naughty.”
“Nothing to it,” exclaimed Ray and he told Jack the 
correct ages of his sons. 
How did Ray figure out the correct answer and what are 
Jack’s sons’ ages?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

How many Mermaids are in the Rock Pool?

Untitled from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

We were given a task to find how many of each creatures there were from the question we had to answer. Mermaids, Octopus and Fishes were having fun in the rock pool. So there were 38 arms, 24 eyes and 8 tails.  We first started by using the easiest body part which were the eyes. We had to answer the question of how many Mermaids that were in the rock pool.  Each creature had 2 eyes so we divided 24 by 2 which was 12 so we now know that there were 12 creatures all together. Next we started which the tails. There were 8 tails and 2 of the creatures which were mermaids and fish with them. Now we know that there are only 8 creatures with tails and obviously octopuses don’t have tails so there is 4 Octopuses because there were 4 left from the 12. But to make us sure that there were 4 Octopuses, we next used the arms as part of our second body part. Octopus have 8 arms so we used 8 (Octopuses) times 4 which was 32 and 38-32 equal 6. Fish don’t have arms and of course Mermaid’s do so we divided 6 by 2 which was 3. So far we’ve got 4 Octopus and 3 Mermaids which also answers the question of how many Mermaids there were. Still, we’ve got 5 more tails which is for the fishes because three of the tails have been subtracted and used for the Mermaid. 3 Mermaids and 5 more tails meaning there were 5 fishes.
So 5 (fishes) + 3 (mermaids) + 4 (Octopus) = 12
Zion was chosen to explain it for our group.
The picture above shows our plan on paper with the different ideas.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maths Problem Solving - Hosannah, Max and Zion

Max Pizza from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Miss King put us into groups of 3's. We were all in different maths group with different solving abilities. Each person was to explain how they worked this maths problem out:

This was my equation:
At the Pizza Place there were 3 tables with the same size. And at the Chicken 'N' Chips there were 4 tables with the same size and also the same tables with the ones at Pizza Place. The Chicken 'N' Chips food store had 24 seats. So the question was, how many seats would be at the Pizza Place?
This was how I worked it out:
So there are 24 seats at Chicken 'N' Chips with 4 tables. I divided 4 by 24 which was 6 so that means that 6 people were to sit at each table. But at the Pizza Place, it was one table less so I took away 1/4 of 24 and it made 18. Taking away 1/4 is the same as taking away 6 to equal to 18 a.k.a, 3 tables.
So the answer was 18.

Question 2:
One hour later, 1/3 of the seats at Chicken 'N' Chips was empty and 1/2 of the seats at the Pizza Place were empty. So if there were 18 people who wanted to go out, how many would not be able to sit down?
I took away one 1/3 of 24 which made 8 and 1/2 of 18 which was 9. So all I needed to do was add the 9 and 8 which was 17. But there were 18 people who needed to go out so the answer is 1 because 17 is '1' less than 18.
Miss King chose Max from our group to explain the questions and how he solved them in his own words.

Rosa Parks - First Black Woman to Stand up to Civil Rights!

My inspiration lately has been 'Rosa Parks.' She was the first ever woman with colored skin to stand up to human rights and here is how she made history (you could also watch this video above to give you more ideas.)

On the 1st December, 1955, Mrs Parks was waiting at the bus stop after a stressful day at work. With having to work hard but getting paid very few, Rosa couldn't bare to keep her eyes wide open. Finally, the bus arrived to take her home. Stepping into the bus with excitement to arrive home, Parks gave her money to the driver which was found as a follower of the law of segregation.

After Rosa sat down, a new white passenger boarded on that same bus. The bus driver had asked all the people whom were 4 seats away from the white seats to give up their seats. But Rosa had made a change by refusing to stand up and move.

Her interest in civil rights had been active in history. Sooner or later, she was sentence to prison.

After every black person had heard about this shocking story, they organized a boycott. All the black people in the town of Montgomery, U.S of Alabama where Rosa lived did not board on buses and lasted up to 381 days. Since African Americans made up about 75 percent of the riders in Montgomery, the boycott posed a serious economic threat to the company and a social threat to white rules in the city. A group named the Montgomery Improvement Association, composed of local activists and ministers, organized the boycott. 

Martin Luther King. Jr, a new baptist minister in the town of Montgomery was known as the leader for the African American boycott. This is what I call, 'temptations for the law of segregation to be changed.'

Sometime later, the buses were integrated meaning that black passengers could sit anywhere in the bus. Rosa Parks had made history by standing up to civil rights and for fighting for her people.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


While sprinting the first part of the course, I knew that I should’ve kept at a certain pace. Slipping and jizzling near the corner of the rugby field, the mud puddles started to annoy me. Oh, I forgot to tell you that it was the day of our school cross country and all the Pt Englander’s from years 1-8 had to compete. It was a sunny day and people were filled with joy and laughter. Whereas those who were complaining tried to act as if they were sick. Our school house colours and house captains were:
Te Arawa - Jay’lee.N + Kingston.L..... Helpers- Myself, Tui.S, Alex.T, Mateo.T and Waata!
Mataatua - Alexandria.J + James.T
Takitimu - Jesiah.T + Mary.I
Tainui - Carlos.S + Hueloata.T
I was actually feeling confident to run the cross-country because it didn’t seem to look long after our fun run completion last term. Anyway, back to running. Not even 20 seconds into the running and I felt reeeaaalllyyy TIRED! I was out of breath but kept going. That showed that I was using our school logo which is, “Strive to Succeed!” Even though I wanted to stop really bad, I set a stopping point which was where Miss King and Ms Walters were standing. ‘Not bad’ I had thought. “Go Hosannah!!” I heard Miss King supporting me for temptation to do my very best. I ran to her like a rugby player scurrying towards the opposition. As I stopped after Miss King and Ms Walters, I saw Kingston and company approximately 25 seconds ahead of me. Aching thighs had affected me big time but my goal was to not give up. Behind me was Jordin and he was doing really well.

Running past the teachers and service academy has been a big encouragement throughout the run. Thinking that we were to run three laps, I was relieved when I heard Miss King telling me that there is only one more lap until I am completed.

C’mon!!........... That was how bad I couldn't wait for until completion. After I jogged past the school for the last time, I squished my feet into the mud which had splattered all over my feet and clothes. As I zig zagged past the watery mud, my legs felt hydrated if thats what people call it. As I saw a lot of people running past the finish line, I had wished for the first time that my ability was similar to theirs.

Soaring past the teachers, I had noticed the finish line up top. Feeling excited to finish the cross country for 2013, I sprinted up at the pace I wished I could’ve for the whole course.

Realizing that school had finished and that everyone had already left the hard court, it didn’t seem to feel like I was in good position but I was still happy that I had finished and there is no more worrying. YAY!!! I have completed the CROSS COUNTRY!

Thanks to all those who had been encouraging our school and for supporting us in our fun run. It was also fun to take part in leading and representing our house colour, “TE ARAWA!”

Monday, August 19, 2013

H.E.G.T 'Winner!' Movie

In our creative strand rotation, our task was to create a movie in groups of 3-5 about songs about
 'love.' My friend and I completed our task here is our movie. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Graph 3 - "Liquid Temperature Increases!"

This shows the liquid increasing into temperature! Hotter and hotter.
Starts at 5˚
10 mins - 26˚
20 mins - 45˚
30 mins - 62˚
40 mins - 74˚
50 mins - 80˚
60 mins - 85˚

Graph 2 - "Weight Gain!"

My second line graph is how much Bob gains weight each month.

January - 49kg
February - 54kg
March - 61kg
April - 68kg
May - 72kg

Graph 1 - "The Decrease of Sarah's Car Price!"

We were given a task to make line graphs from three different subjects. My first line graph is about how much Sarah's car is worth each year! Hope you like my graph.
2001 - $ 24,000
2002 - $ 22, 500
2003 - $ 18, 700
2004 - $ 17, 500
2005 - $ 14, 200
2006 - $ 10, 000
2007 - $ 5, 800

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life's A Stage!! Term 3

For this term (3), our theme is “Life’s A Stage!”

My thoughts for this term’s theme is drama+music, one of my favorite subjects in school. I am excited and looking forward to learning  more about different music types and performing because the school production is coming very soon.
During the term,  learning and creating songs of my own is what I am hoping I could do.

My favorite singer is Beyonce because she is good at reaching high notes and has amazing trills. My dream is to meet her and have a photo with her.

I cannot wait until the school production and what it might be called. I hope that our production is going to be fancy, fun and musical as it is also my last year at Pt England School.
As auditions come, I’d feel agitated to sign up for acting and singing.

Looking forward to more! LIFE’S A STAGE!!!!!!