Thursday, February 14, 2013

JUST START TO BELIEVE!! Our Capture The Flag Game!

What a beautiful day it was to play the very cool game of Capture The Flag. Room 15 agreed on playing  CTF ( Capture The Flag) so we don’t have to waste a nice and magnificent day of FUN!!

Out we went to sight a good place for us to play. The cones were set and the teams were ready to RUMBLE!! FWEEEEEEEEEEEEE..... The high/loud whistle went by a big blow from Miss King. Off I ran to rescue the flag and suddenly I saw Studamyer from the other team coming towards our cone to get the flag. I was running as fast as I could to get him but thanks to Neyo whom Studamyer didn’t see. A tap on the back and he sat down. I was enjoying the game and laughing with some friends.

While we were laughing, we suddenly heard a crowd from the other team going wild and yelling out, “YAY!!!!!” Someone scored rescued their flag to the other side. Well it was only 1-0.  

There it goes, the whistle blew for the second round. Not so long, but the other team scored again.   Back we went to our side. “We are not even that good.” Senolita said. I replied and said, “ Don’t say that, just believe.”

After my words, the final whistle blew FWEEEEEE!!!!!  We all ran thinking about the words I said. WE believed we can do it. It was a long  game and  still going hard. “Go Dante Go! WOOHOOO!” She scored. We were happy.

Well we lost gracefully but the good thing about it was that we believed we could do it.

“We are not even that good.” Senolita said. I replied and said, “ Don’t say that, just believe.” After my words, the final whistle blew FWE

Monday, February 11, 2013

My History, My Heritage!

Before                                                              After

“OMG!!” I shouted as the historic photo of the Tamaki Presbyterian church (also the church I am a pupil of) brought a big smile to my face. This picture (above) is the real one, the real thing I have been waiting for. The first ever look of the presbyterian church on Pt England rd.

My grandfather, Rev. Lei’ite Setefano is now the minister in the Tamaki P.I.P.C standing for, ‘Pacific Islander Presbyterian Church.’  This photo is showing the corner of Pt England rd and Pilkington rd taken in 1867. My family and I are really into church. So I am writing a narrative of what my imagination thinks it might look like those days.............

On a “Roar” Sunday morning, mum cooks porridge for the kids to eat before they all leave for White Sunday. Today was supposed to a nice day, but it was stormy and rainy. The children walk to the kitchen table with their White Sunday clothes ready to eat and all ready for White Sunday. Only about five scoops of porridge and the church bell suddenly rang for everyone to go to church and get ready into their age groups.

Inside the church they went filled with hundreds of people. Joyful songs were heard as they happily walked inside and the whole church was filled with white colours and clothings. Class by class it went doing their plays and bible speeches. The heavy rain went and the sun finally came.

White Sunday came to an end and everybody felt glad. They were also served with a delightful after feast.

White Sunday and Sunday School. We also have a church blog. If you'd like to visit it, click here.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Strive to Succeed, Strive to Achieve!!!

Sesalina and I created a brain-storm of what our goals were for 2013. Next, we turned all of our goals into a movie. Hope you enjoy!!

'Pay Attention!'

During this week, our task was to create an inspirational and motivational song. Well we didn't actually do exact the right task but instead we made an animation and we also chose the song, 'Pay Attention.' By Sister Act 2. This video (above) is dedicated to those who are hiding their talent.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Drew Dudley's Inspiring Speech!

An interesting and inspiring speech entitled, “Lollipop Moments” reflects on how to change someone's life. This speech was said by a really popular man from the entertainment and financial capital of Canada, Toronto. His name is Drew Dudley. One of his sayings were, “It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.” I volunteered to say what it means in front of the class.

Our light is our talent, but our darkness is what stops us from showing it to everyone or struggling from being nervous to show it. Another thing was, “Who are leaders?” Everyone can be leaders. It is not just the people from high grades or levels. You and I can be leaders so let’s all get together as one and show our power and talent for everyone to see (better together.) Leadership is not something that expect to happen. My papa’s motto for this year to my family and it was 'Make Use of your Opportunities Wisely.' Lollipop Moments may sound a bit silly, but it is really cool to do.

Dudley told the audience the story about a girl who went up to him and said, “ I remember the first time I met you.” This is the girl whom Drew changed the life of.  If you want to be a leader, then you have to show your inspirational, personal and powerful talent. Watch this video and hopefully it inspires you.