Monday, December 9, 2013

NELSON MANDELA: "Hero of South Africa!" 1918-2013

Recently (Friday 6th, July) A world-wide legendary, Nelson Mandela had shockingly passed away. Nelson Mandela was a big history maker internationally and had lived for a great wopping 95 years.

Here is my story:

Nelson Mandela was first brought up in a land of sheep and cattle. He said, “ I was not born with the hunger to be free, I was born to be free.” He had just begun to hunger his freedom after it had been taken away. Before he was being called Nelson, his name real name was Rolihlahla. But his teacher Miss Mtgine wanted a christian name for him. After a conversation with his teacher, he was called ‘Nelson.’

When Nelson pursued his law studies, he joined the African National Congress. Nelson Mandela said that the ANC’s task was to unite and build a nation out of the people in South Africa. In 1955, the ANC called among all people of racism to come together to approve the “Freedom Charter.” All people were treated equally after all.

Nelson Mandela was locked in prison for 27 years for refusing the pro-apartheid government.  After Nelson was set free, he worked to achieve human rights. Meaning for all people of South Africa to have freedom for a good future. He was born in 1918 and had spent time in prison from 1962-1990.

How did Nelson Mandela get so famous?

He has been fighting all along against the bad government and those people causing racism on skin color. Mandela was known as the ‘Hero’ of South Africa’ after having the courage of standing up to people filled with greed. He also became the first black president for South Africa in 1994 and retired in 1999. Nelson Mandela now a days is still inspiring to people around the world and is also respected for bringing wisdom to the people of South Africa.

I am also inspired by the amazing surprise Nelson has brought to the world.


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