Thursday, November 29, 2012


On a nice, bright, sunny day, Pt England School decided to have an Olympic day which included EVERYONE!! On the hard-courts, every kid had to get split up into countries. There were lines full of people waiting in their countries and I was in ‘Portugal.’ Our team captain was Vanilla and our teacher was Ms Burn.

“Okay Pt England School, it’s time for the march around the courts.” Said Miss Va’afusuaga. My body shivered because I was nervous.  It was Portugal’s turn and there we were walking around feeling like athletes. That was the Opening Ceremony.

About 5 minutes later, our events started and we played handball first. During the day, I saw a little girl sitting on our school mountain. So I decided to go and get her down. As soon as I got up, I saw her crying. (Her name was, ‘Mao.”) “Are you alright Mao, what’s the problem?” I asked her as I sat down. She said that she got told off multiples of times by her teacher, but it wasn’t her. It was her friends being silly and blaming things on her. I felt very sorry for her so I tried to solve the problem.

We walked down the steeply hill on the mountain and I told her teacher and her teacher, ‘Mr Harris’ was feeling sorry for her. The problem was SOLVED finally....

For rest of the day, we had a lot of fun and I felt happy. My group were laughing with laughter.

‘Taking Action and to Change My Life..........’

Recently, we went to hear the famous, “Brown Brother” speech/poem by Joshua Iosefo. The year 7&8’s were very excited and lucky to see him. I was really inspired by him. He hated science maths and english but loved P.E,Drama and music just like me. Joshua is a Samoan and Niuean.  

Mr and Mrs Iosefo are very lucky have an intelligent child. Joshua’s speech was all about how he see’s the world and mostly about skin colour, "look at me Brown Brother." After a really cool and fun speech, we all thought the same, “We really should change!” I couldn't wait until another exciting speech from him. If you wish to watch his speech, click on this link.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finally Getting A Chance To Have A Conversation With The Popular ‘Oprah!’

I have been learning about conversations (speech marks.) Room19's task was to write a narrative of meeting your fan. Not particularly your favourite fan, but a lively famous person. I chose Oprah and this was our conversation.....................

I strolled onto the stage, “WOOHOO!” I shouted.
“I’m finally famous.” I said.
“Hello Hosannah,” Oprah Winfrey says while I finally sat down with the audience cheering.
Oprah asked, “How are you?”   
“Good thanks.” I replied. I was thrilled to see her.
“Oh my, I cannot believe I am with one of the richest human beings in the WORLD!” I said and again, the crowd went wild on the Oprah show.  You may know that I am on T.V .
She asked me really hard ‘questions’ and that’s where I get really embarrassed with goosebumps.
She asked things like, “When you first met me what did you think of me?.......... What’s been on your mind?........ What are you excited about at the moment?.......When was the last time you made a difference to somebody?....... Who are you really happy for at the moment?....... When was the last time you felt inspired?” I tried my best and she was Happy!  “So tell us, why are you here with me today?” She asked.
I said, “I am just one of your biggest fans and I am SO SO SO SO SO excited to get to know you more.”
“Well, I am very glad you’re here now, Hosannah, think of a conversation for you and I talk about and tell me all about it, I will help you out.”
I thought, “Well think I have to be a better Pt Englander.”
“What is a Pt Englander?” Oprah asked me. My response was,
“Well I am a student at Pt England school in New Zealand, Auckland.”

Soon after, that fun was over and I asked finally,


“Sure Hosannah.” Oprah answered


In the land of, “Tubby-Land,” 4 big, giant, cute babies meet. They were, Tinky Winky=Purple, Laa-laa=Yellow, Dipsy=Green and Po=Red. The 4 babies named themselves,”The Teletubbies!”

Four Teletubbies enjoy their times in Tubby-land until..................

One day, they all had a Scooter Race. “Ready, steady GO!” shouted Laa-laa. They were all having fun. Po won because she loves to honk on her wee Scooter.  Dipsy and Laa-laa went well BUT!!! Tinky Winky fell and this was where the problem happened.....................

How did they solve the problem? Well, Po ran back to her house and got some pluster, Laa-laa had a bottle of water in her pocket to  stop the blood from coming out and Dipsy massaged him. Tinky Winky was crying.

After all, the problem was solved and Tinky Winky felt better. Next, they all went home and “Whoo that was fun” said Po.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Peaceful Beach, Peaceful Land (Narrative)

It was a magnificent, sunny day and I felt FRESH! My parents thought it was a good idea to have a family swim at the private beach next to our hotel. “AAAaaaahhhh,” I already feel comfortable.

We arrived and “Ouch!” I cried out loud as I fell down on the hot and crunchy sand which relaxed my feet.  My family, friends and I were on a 6 week vacation in Tahiti at the Bora-bora hotel. We were in a beautiful resort. It was so beautiful and so nice that I even asked my mum if we could live there.

Our time at the beach was EXTRAVAGANZA!  FUN!! The water was nnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccccccccccccceeeeeee and relaxing and so clean. “This is the best vacation I’ve ever had!” My sister shouted. We all agreed and smiled. Playing with my beach volley-ball , it suddenly floated down and further away.

Feeling too worried and horrified, I swam my hardest to try and get it. But by the time I arrive near it, it goes even further away.

“Hosannah, relax, don’t worry, the floatable is coming to get you.” But my mum’s words were lost. It was frightening and I was half way between a BIG beach.

Finally the big boat came to rescue me. I can see someone very familiar driving it from the water. “Oh hi Dad" I said. Into the boat I went with my beach volley-ball and away we went.

We all left after a funny day. My holiday was more fun after all..................

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Philadelphia, 'The City Of Brotherly Love!'

This week, our task was to create a Google Presentation about where the article I read was from. My article was in Philadelphia about the two conjoined twins 'Eliza and Mary.' These are some of the  facts and history of Philadelphia.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Conjoined Twins Separated!

Joined twin girls separated in marathon surgery

In the recent past, two conjoined twins, Eliza and Mary were just separated at the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. They were joined on the chests and had survived a very difficult and hard 7 hour marathon surgery. Eliza and Mary are feeling better and are still recovering. It was the 21st case separating conjoined twins.

I feel really happy that they had survived a marathon surgery. If you wish to read more about their surgery, click on this link.

Thanks to Dakota for checking my work.

Friday, November 16, 2012

"My Experience Of Being a Manaiakalni Presenter!”

It was another time of fun laughter where I get to present at Sylvia Park for the Manaiakalani Film Festival 2012. Naomi and I represented rm 19 yesterday and we had to stay at sylvia park the whole day. We presented for the first session and the fourth session.

I felt so excited to go. I saw a lot of different films from different schools. Room 19's movie was entitled, "From The Inside." Waiting and waiting for the fourth session, Vivienne, Shoal, Naomi and I felt vvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyry hungry.

It was nearly time for the the Pt England Intermediate, Tamaki College and Pamnure Bridge Intermediate lot to come and was also time when Naomi and I got ready to present.

Everyone came and finally settled down in the theatre.

Walking on to the stage, and into the bright light we went, I can barely see anybody in the theatre. "Hi my name is Naomi." She said. " And my name is Hosannah!" I said loud and proud. We said our speech and we walked off with a smile.

"What a cool day I had." I said. But my friends and I felt exhausted and had head-aches.

If you wish to watch all the Manaiakalani Film Festival Films, you can click on this link. Hope you enjoy!

Narrative: Emma's Mum!

There was going to be a production at Emma’s school and they needed good actors to help them at their rehearsals. They were decorating  the school hall so it looks creative.  Mariana (new school girl) told Emma to bring her mother, (everyone knew that Emma’s mother was an actor.) Suddenly Alice (a student from her school) said, “If you weren’t new here, Mariana, you’d know that Emma’s mum never goes anywhere. Mum reckons she never leaves the house.”

Potiki Dance Crew!

A fantastic and talented group of kids, ages 12-16 years old are competing in The National Hip-hop Competition. They are called, “Potiki” Dance crew.  They were practising for the National Hip-Hop Competition and it is only one month away! Their coach is Mariabeth and most of them were Pacific Islanders. One day, I wish to be in a dance crew and become famous.

Meeting George!

This week, our task was to complete our “Daily No Exceptions.” The first step was to read an article and write a narrative of what happened before or after, so this is what I imagined.

Kevin and his friend, Tama grew older and became famous All Black Players. They were just like the old man George Nepia who taught them how to kick. Both boys had good couriers too.

Tama and Kevin became the two best kickers in their group. Both of them let everyone know their story when they met George in their young age.

Thank You Dakota for checking my work.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Favorite Film Festival Movie!

Yesterday was a very fun and loong day for Naomi and I. We stayed at Sylvia Park from 8:00am-3:30pm! We enjoyed the Manaiakalani Film Festival 2012.

Lots of schools came and  presented. When the year 7&8’s came, it was my time to present. It was fun and cool.

We watched rm 18’s movie, “The Test!”It was my favourite movie of all. The funniest actors were Starford, Jephte and Raihan. What I loved about their movie is how they were really into acting and I like the camera shots. Room 18 ROCKS!

You can watch the movie, above! If you would like to visit Room 18's blog, you can click on this link.

Thanks to Zion Talia for checking,

Friday, November 9, 2012

Balloon Challenge!

On a bright morning Mr Harris decided to make it a fun morning. It was a 'Balloon Challenge!!' For our task, we were each handed with a balloon and a skewer.  Then we have to try and stick the skewer in balloon without it popping without the magic ingredients. I was the first person to pass it and Athena was the first person to POP IT!!

After everyone else finally passed the first task, we took turns trying to blow our balloon into a bottle.  It was so difficult that a lot of people turned purple. We all failed that task. I thought that my ideas will work.

We all thought it was impossible because we never made it through. But do you think you can make it through? Go to this site and follow the steps, GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In the Boat Alone!! (Narrative)

It was a bright and sunny day in Tahiti when my family and I decided to relax in our mini-boat. We were having loads of fun until something strange and weird happened.......................

My whole family turned into ghosts and I was all ALONE! I started freaking out, “OH NO! What am I going to do?” I cried out loud. I kept thinking about my beloved family which I missed already.

Sooner or later, I suddenly ended up in a Shark’s mouth being flushed by the flood (the flood was from all the water inside it’s mouth.)

“WHEW!!” I said as I got up out of a strange dream.

Elephant's Eye! (Narrative)

“Hosannah, wake up we’re in India,!” My mum said.UP! I got straight away with excitement. I had a very strange dream about an Elephants eye. Out of the plane we went and  “aaaaaahhhhhhh, what a nice Indian smell.” We said. ‘We’ are my parent, my 3 sisters and I. We went to visit India because it was all up to me where our holiday was going to be.

We’ve been there for 2 days now and I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and the delicious Indian food, but my dream about the Elephant’s Eye was true. In India, Elephants are very popular. There are always Elephant’s near me but mostly right in front of giving a dirty shower.

Every night in the fun hotel I was staying at with my family, I kept on wondering why that wild animal keeps on staring at me.  I think it’s a bad luck charm.

One day when I walked past a shop in the New Market, a guru said, “Oi Boy, come here.” He told me what I am scared of in India and all my problems. I asked, “What does it mean to have an Elephant staring at you every time?” The Guru smiled and said that it’s actually a good luck charm. After all, I smiled and about 3 days later it was true. I got to get what I wanted and my family and I had a lot of EXTRAVAGANZA FUN .

It was our last day in India and I felt glaaaaaddd and delighted.

Thanks to Mary for checking my work for me.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Fun Stomach Churning Roller-Coaster! (Narrative)

It was a nice day when my family and I decided to go to the new fantastic ride, ‘The Stomach Churning’  in Manukau.

During the day, when we got there. It was finally our turn to go on the ride and I had butterflies. It started moving and in 5 secs, it was epic f
ast. It was my time to prepare to die. My mum was scared that we might fall off. It was frightfully FUN after all! Round and roun
d we went around the high Stomach Churning coaster. After a fancy, horror kind of ride, I felt dizzy that I wanted to barf (Puke.)

The Stomach Churning roller-coaster was the meanest ride I have been on. I felt really joyful and I acted like a clown. WHAT A FUN DAY I HAD.

“ Thanks Mum and Dad.” I said Joyfully.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Singing Experience!

There has been one thing that I have always dreamed of. Being a star in singing. Singing has been a good experience to me. Everywhere I go, I just sing all day long but no-one hears me so I am writing about ‘SINGING” and what I wish will happen.

I started singing when I was 4 years old and I kept practising with my older sister. I think my singing sounds beautiful and I was born to sing. Oh, I just found my talent. I am going to take you on an adventure about my dream.............

On a hot, bright, sunny day, I went to visit Beyonce and Usher in their studio. We all sang together a song named, “One Plus One” with one verse each. I enjoyed the harmony because it sounded beautiful and we weren’t too hard and we weren’t too soft but just right.

A month later, our album was published with all the songs we sang on it. The whole world heard it about a year later and I said to both Beyonce and Usher, “I am really proud to be a singer.” They laughed and I cannot believe I was with two of the world’s top singers. “Let’s go lunch at the Italian Kebab restaurant, I am starving.” Beyonce said. (But that time, it was only her and I.) The Italian fries and burger were delicious.

Beyonce took me back home and I said, “That was a really fun day shopping with you Beyonce, Bye.” I said with a lot of bags linked on to my arms.

I love singing because I learnt that if you keep practising and getting use to sing in front of others, you can achieve your goal.

Thanks to Turuhira for helping me edit my work.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My puppy is the best puppy I have ever had. During lifetime, we have lost 3 puppies. 1st puppy Caesar, 2nd Puppy Snoopy, 3rd Puppy Ace and our fourth puppy is Rocky. Rocky is a rottweiler and he was only 4 weeks when we got him. The first time I held him, he was very quite and when we put him on the ground, he just stood there shaking. But now........ Rocky is gone a bit bigger. He is still small but he runs around and my family and I enjoys playing with him. Puppies are cool, puppies are fun to play with, Puppies all over the place!! This is what Rocky looks like! (The photo beside.)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I don’t like smoking because I learnt that it can affect your body and it also kills. Smoking is dangerous for your health and increases your chances of dying. I think that smoking is bad for you because it starts to shrink your vital body-parts to cause any kind of diseases. We have 3 different body parts that we can’t live with-out which is the heart, lungs and brain.  I am writing a story about smoking and hopefully you are interested.

Smoking can cause lung cancer. 90% of men and 80% of women who die from lung cancer are caused by smoking.  Another disease that can kill caused from smoking is Coronary Heart Disease. This disease shrinks the veins and slows the blood and oxygen from pumping to your heart.

Did you know that if you smoke a lot or too much daily, it can cause a risk of heart, lung and brain disease (Or stroke.) Do you feel so annoyed when people just smoke around you? Most people that smoke have to risked their life and gets stressed when they quit. When parents smoke around their children, they are inspiring their kids to smoke. I feel so uncomfortable around it and smoking, not my future!

I want smoking to stop, I feel like having a back up plan to stop my mother from smoking, I think that there is still a chance for smokers to quit. I have shown how and why smoking is bad for you.

Thanks to Turuhira for helping me with editing my writing.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Zealand Soldiers!

Room 19 has been searching and learning about the New Zealand Forces with knowledge. Our class task was to write a piece of writing about it and we were all interested in it.

The bodies of three soldiers killed in Afghanistan have begun their journey to return back home in New Zealand. Afghanistan would've been Luke Tamatea's (Corporal) final tour of duty. His family and friends did not have a chance to welcome him home. He was only 31 years old alongside medic Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker, 26, of Christchurch, and Private Richard Harris, 21,  On the 4th of August, Lance Corporals Rory Malone and Pralli Durrer were killed during an ambush in the area of Bamyan. 10 soldiers have been killed this year and I bet you that the families eyes are filled with tears.

You may be thinking/wondering, ‘How were they killed?’ Well, the soldiers that passed away most recently were killed on the road-side with an I.E.D bomb which stands for, “Improvised Explosive Device.” Our New Zealand Soldiers have been in Afghanistan since 2003!! They will be staying there until 2013. So that means they have been there for about 9 years. I feel very sorry for their families. From above, there is a picture of some soldiers that has passed away.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Exhausting, Strenuous, Arduous, Wearing, Demanding, Laborious Cross Country! The Worst Thing I've Ever Done!

Recently, Pt England had their cross country and I had no choice but to run it.  It was nerve racking for me because there were some fast people I had to face and run with. All of us (the Juniors, Seniors plus the Teachers and Parents) Walked down to the hard-court for the 2012 cross country. It was that time when nearly everyone gets scared and doesn’t want to run.  Anyway I was in the Red house, ‘Te Arawa.’

Guess what happened to me? I was trying to hide but then I got court from one of the parents.  “Oh... I don’t want to run.” I said.

Still sitting on the hard concrete having butterflies in my stomach, I was finally allowed to get up and support my cousins. While they were running, it pressured me!  I was too nervous so I went to my friends. I felt better after all.

It was our turn to run.  As soon as we heard Mr Burt say, “GO!” we ran our hardest and not even 2 steps it was already slippery and our shoes were already muddy.  Serena aced it. “Around the cone guys”  Ms Squires said.   I tried to stop at a big puddle of mud but I couldn’t because if I did I would have came last and that’s embarrassing. My shoes were muddy all over. I was disappointed!

We had to run 3k’s. First we ran around the trees then we got to the Pt England Reserves and that’s where we got too muddy.   We ran around the reserves and we ran into the forest/bush. It was exhausting and I ran with difficulty!

A lot of people ran past me. One of the teachers, 'Miss V' said, “You're not half-way yet!”  "Oh My GOSH!!: I replied.  Sometime later Toreka caught up to me and it was cool to have a friend running with me.

After the VEEEEERRRrYyYyY!! LLLOOnnnggg RUN! I I finally finished with an aching leg. I felt proud of myself. It was the worst thing I've ever done.

Thanks to Vanila Fa'amausili for checking my work.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Made Up Story Which I Wish Will Happen!! "The London Games"

I never knew I was going to be one of these. I also didn’t realize that we were going to it.  ‘We’ are my family and I. My sister Valerie is competing in the Olympics again.  She has been competing in shot-put event for lllooonnnggg!   
One day, Valerie came and told my family and I that there was going to be another Olympics and just reminded us NOW!!  “We are going to LONDON!! Woo  Hoo” I shouted while I was excited. I went over excited that that my father told me to hush up!! I couldn’t wait because we are leaving in 2 days.

It was time for us to leave and finally it was that time when I get over excited to go to London. The last time I went to London I was spoilt and hopefully I get spoilt again.  We were on the PLANE!! UP UP UP and AWWAAAY we go!!!  

“Sanah, Sanah wake up we’re in England now.” My mum said. As soon as I heard it, I got up straight away and there I was on the beautiful place, ENGLAND!  My family and I plus our representers, went to a beautiful hotel in England and it was the same hotel we were staying in before when we came for a holiday. We were at the hotel at UK.

Finally it was the Opening Ceremony and I was sitting in the best seats with all the others.  There were lots of performances and it was amazing to see famous athletes and while they were going around and around in between the crowd, I saw Usain Bolt! The fastest man in the world.  it was cool and one of the best Olympics I’ve been to.  After a long night,  we went back to the hotel and rested until the next day where sister is competing tomorrow.

We woke up early and left the Hotel. It was no where near time for Valerie to compete so we went and watched the athletics and I was surprised to see how fast Usain Bolt ran.  After all, it was time for Valerie to ace it again in shot put. We went to watch her game at night time and it was cool. I was so spoilt and feeling good while we were watching her.  Finally, she got a medal but this time, she came second. I was proud of her but things get complicated most of the time.

All that time has passed and it was the closing ceremony.  There were lots of other performances. The famous Emeli Sande sang for the athletes and she performed really well. Next there was a cool performance by this band or church thing but they went very well. It was great and amazing to see the other famous people even One Direction were there singing “What Makes You Beautiful.”

I felt happy and hopefully I will get to go again to the next Olympics in Brazil.

We were at home again. We were shocked to hear good news. Valerie actually WON!! She talk the GOLD MEDAL!! Why? Well, because the girl that beat her took drugs which was called, "Anabolic Steroids." "YAY" It was a touch of greatness.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Makes a Champion?

My opinion is that good athletes have natural abilities and work hard.  Its got to do with good training, desire, dedication and having a positive attitude.  Why I am thinking this is because many athletes we see or watch on television,  they have self-motivation and you can see that they had practise, practise and PRACTISED!! I am hoping that I will be a good athlete one day only if I work hard and have ‘good’ genes.   

Have you seen the man who beat the world record in the “HIGH JUMP?”  I was amazed as soon as I watch it this morning.  Did you know how high it was? Well it was like, double Mrs Nua’s height. Cool right, I wish I was as fit as that champion. That man had a very tough life. He didn't have a fridge in his house before he won medals. To be a champion is to have faith and believe in yourself a lot. Athletes are good role models to others because they try their best to achieve their goals but most importantly,  they might have to be more keen, have determination and have the willpower.  All athletes will have to  a have coach that will push them forward,  give them skills and teach them with discipline.

What makes a good athlete?  Well they will need the genes and have potential. ‘Potential’ means having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.

I think that everyone can have the right to be a great athlete.  Great athletes make the most of their time and I feel like an athlete after all. CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP!!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Room 19 are going to have a paper airplane challenge.  Everyone of us had to find a partner and participate in the competition.  I have been testing it and it can go very far just like going for gold.  We are all really excited for this fascinating challenge.

My partner is Mary Vaisima and she is a very good and talented friend.  Our class teams had to choose a country that is participating in the Olympics 2012 apart from New Zealand.  We are having 4 different races and they are: 1. Greatest average distance 2. Most accurate 3. 4 x relay (greatest distance). All distances will be measured in a straight line.  Mary and I are the Nigerian flag and we are SO! Excited. Are you excited rm 19?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Making Decisions!!

Our task was to write about making decisions and about which way we choose. Whether we choose the right or wrong.

Here’s what I have been up to.........  Sometimes I just get tempted to choose the wrong.  But mainly, I have to stay calm.  Making choices obviously is a very hard thing that can affect our family, friends, school or teachers and principals.  I have had this thing happening to me before and sometime we affected things and sometimes we didn’t. “We” is the 5 things above.  A bit of advice is, to follow the 3 P’s and 3 D’s.  Our 3 P’s are “Partnership, Participation and Protection.” Also, the 3 D’s are “Dedication, Desire and Determination.”  Compare making decisions to life. In the “Life Education” Caravan, we learnt the exact same thing.Stop,Think and then “Do.”Are you making the right decision?

Thanks to Vanila for helping me edit my work.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet Dreams or Beautiful Nightmares

As I woke up again, I realized that I was sleeping. I felt fresh and bright after a beautiful and sweet dream. I felt as bright as a diamond or star in the sky and as precious as silver and gold.   Also, I was sleeping for a very long amount of time because of what happened while I was sleeping. “Its 8pm” I said to myself but this is how it started......

After a really long day at school, I came straight home and slept all the way till night time at 7:50 pm (approximate.)  My dream was actually about achieving and being the best student in my class. While I was in a beauty, I suddenly shouted “WOOHOO!!” It started with Mr Harris growling off Athena, Mary, and Vanila. He also used my name as an example and said, “WHY ARE YOU ALL WASTING YOUR TIME!” Then he said peacefully, “ Be like Hosannah,, he finished absolutely everything that our  class has done.”  And that thing about finishing off everything, it’s really true as you may know by reading about me getting 2 gold medals.

To all kids, adults and audience, please don’t think this was fake because I woke up and wrote it straight away.  Anyway, after he used me as an example, I looked at him with a very big smile.  I am still smiling at the moment and also, I still feel happy(VVEEERRRYYY HAPPY!!)  

This sleeping beauty thing, it has made me feel much more keen and confident. Have you ever had a dream that came true? Well I did. “I thought I was going to have a beautiful nightmare.” I said with joy and happiness.

Carl Lewis!!

Out of all the reading groups in rm 19, I am in “Karoro” and we had to write a brief summary about an athlete. I am writing about Carl lewis.

He was one of the world’s most experienced and amazing athletes. Carl Lewis was born in Birmingham though he was actually brought up in Willingboro, New Jersey. He was a fast man that represented USA and played long-jumps.  Carl Lewis started participating in long jump events when he was just 13 years old. His birth of date was on July 1st, 1961.  An amazing thing about him was that he became an “actor” and has appeared in a number of films.I wrote about him because he inspires me just the way Michael Phelps does.

Thanks to Naomi for helping me and giving me advice to fix my piece of writing.


During the week, I have been doing a presentation about the Modern Olympic sport. Out of all the sports that are in the Olympics, we had to choose one sport and turn it into a creative presentation about the history, people and performances. I chose Volleyball and also, I hope enjoy the presentation I made.

Thanks to Vanila for helping me get my slideshow on my blog

All My Marks Out Of 100%

As you can see, these are the marks I achieved out of 100%.  We have been working on about 2-3 different Quiz's about the Olympics. I am proud to keep achieving and I think I will keep doing it.


This week I have earned 2 gold medals in a row because I am GOING FOR GOLD! I also am achieving a lot and I am very proud of myself.  I would like to thank Mr. Harris for helping me and for pushing me forward towards going for gold. My goal is to keep it up. The reason I had 2 gold medals is because I have finished week 1 and 2 assignments. You know how proud I am, are you proud to?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Assignments!!!!!

We have been doing, learning, practicing and contributing with a fitness log that we have planning over the week.  We had to choose out of 5 things that what we wanted to increase. One of them were skipping and that is what I chose.  Here is "my" Goal Setting and Fitness Log!!

"GO FOR GOLD!!!!!"

Our topic for this term (term 3) is, “GO FOR GOLD!!”  Our class is learning about the Olympic games.  Are you interested in our theme? Well, come along and I will take on a little adventure..........

The Olympics is a really popular thing to New Zealand and worldwide. Lately my class has been looking and researching about famous athletes that really inspire us. I chose a well known swimmer called, “Michael Phelps!!! I am enjoying our theme right now, here is an acrostic poem that covers the words and letters, “GO FOR GOLD!!!”

Good Athletes
Optional Sports

Fast Feet
On the GO!
Reeeaaalllyyy Determined!


Desire, Dedication, Determination!!!

Thanks to Athena for Helping me.

" Michael Phelps" Inspires Me!!

Michael Phelps! He is a well-known swimmer and one of the world’s fastest. Also, he is a vibrant man that is the most accomplished American swimmer of all time!!


On an article I read, is said that he is a professional swimmer that was born in June 30th 1985 in Baltimore, America. Overall, he  won 16 Olympic medals, six gold and two bronze at Athens in 2004, and eight gold at Beijing in 2008.

Phelps, (From above) holds the record for the most gold medals won in a single Olympics and his medal total is second only to gymnast Larissa Latynina. His full name is actually “Michael Fred Phelps.”  His mother and father's name are Fred and Debbie Phelps.  

The youngest of three children, Michael and his sisters grew up in the neighbourhood of Rodgers Forge.  Phelps began swimming when his two older sisters, Whitney (born 1978) and Hilary (born 1980), joined a local swim team. Isn’t this a cool story. I just found my favourite swimmer and he is an enthusiastic man.  He inspires me because he is too famous that I just want to be as popular as him. ( I was just joking:) Also, I want to be like him because I want to win the same amount of gold medals he won. By the way, "GOLD FOR GOLD!!"

Thanks to Vanila for reading and checking my work. I mean it, "Thank You."