Monday, February 27, 2012

My "Smart" Pie Chart

Now this is another Pie graph of mine. It also shows you what I am interested in. These are type of smarts. Why don’t you try it out. People Smart is the most thing I am interested in. But Body Smart is the less kind of smart I am not interested in. Click here and it will take you to the place that helps you see which “Smart” you are interested in

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Great Duffy Theatre

At our beautiful looking hall not long ago, there was a crew called “The Duffy Theatre” that came to perform in front of us. They were so talented and we all CRACKED UP!!! There were also lots of scenes. My favourite scene is when it was Emmy’s Birthday. She was so funny and big. It was great meeting “Duffy.” My favourite actor was “Scruffy.” He is Duffy’s little brother. I liked looking at the best book in the World. These were the other actors in the plays, “Marvel, Rocky, Wiri and SBW.

All my life, I have never read a lot. But When I saw that all Duffy wanted to do was reading, they gave me a good experienced kind of way to tempt to read a lot. Now why don't you start reading?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Being Cyber Smart

For this long year, I am learning about Cyber Smart. Do you know what it means. Have you been Cyber Smart so far? It is really cool learning about it because you can get good and better at things. If you are not sure of what this fantastic word means, then why don't you study it? There is a lot more kinds of smarts that matches Cyber Smart. Well, there is legal Smart, I hope you like my picture I drew on Tux Paint. These questions at the bottom shows you the question we ask ourselves.

1. Who am I connected to? I am connected to all my cousins because together, we act like “Brothers” and “Sisters.”

2. What am I sharing with others? That I can take responsibility of my own learning.

3. What impression of myself am I giving to others? I am giving a positive impression to others.

Netball With Liz

In the recent past, just one week ago, our class went to Netball with excitement. We met a new coach named Liz. She is one of the most experienced netball player I have really seen.

All of us might have remembered “Emma,” last years Netball coach? Well Liz helped us remember the same skills. We learnt the chest and a whole lot more It was SO HOT!! I can’t even handle it.

After all, we had a big game. Most of us worked really well together but some of them had some low-lights. I really enjoyed the big challenge.

Next, the game was over and we just lost by one point. I enjoyed it and I didn’t want it to stop. We just felt like we were a real Netball team.

After all we said goodbye to Liz, and that was the end of our fun day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hosannah's Pie Chart

This term, in Maths, we are learning about statistics. As part of our learning we are examining data related to our health. The part of our examination we collected data (information) about the food we ate for one week (2/2 to 9/2.)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Treaty Of Waitangi

172 years ago, the Maori people and Queen had an agreement. The treaty was signed. It was signed by Queen Victoria’s govener, William Hobson. In 1840 February the 6th at the Bay Of Islands, that is when and where it was signed . About 40 chief sign on the Treaty Of Waitangi too. William Hobson was so surprised to go to the meeting where they had their agreement with the Maori people. He turned up wearing plain clothes except for his plumed hat. So that is what I know about long ago.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Wonderful And Humorous Holiday

Welcome to 2012!!!! What is your new year’s resolution? Everyone has to have a resolution. (The word, “resolution” means, what goal do you have for this really long year?) My new years resolution is to lose weight. I know that sounds a bit funny but every time I look at the mirror, I imagine myself working out on a treadmill for about 20 minutes. Anyway! You just can’t believe how fun my Holiday was. There is a lot more than what I am going to write, but it is just too long and fun.

Some of you might of known that my birthday was during the holidays. I went to the movies and I had Burger King to celebrate it. I watched the fantastic movie called “ We Bought A Zoo.” It is really cool and many people watched it. Then like a week after that, a lot of my cousins, aunties and uncles came over and we had a big BBQ to celebrate my birthday AGAIN!!! I was just so amazed, and plus it was better than the movies! We had a massive water fight and everyone enjoyed the delicious food. Especially my mum’s Macaroni Cheese and Bacon!!! MMMmmmm!!!!!!!!!! I had lots of presents. One of the presents I got from my uncle who is like an older brother to me were 2 school bags and a whole lot more. They were both Puma bags and I gave one of them to my oldest sister and I said “thank you” to her for organizing everything for my birthday party. I reeeeaaaallllyyyy!!! Enjoyed that day that I will never forget.

I’m sure some may have known or have seen Malia. The person who taught the “ End Of Time” Beyonce dance? And the person who taught the glee “ Who Run the World” dance? Well it was her 21st birthday not long ago and she wanted me to choose some people to do the “End Of Time” dance at her birthday. Malia goes to the same church as I do. As well as Mrs Tele’a, Mrs Tuala, Esrah, Jordenne, Tui, Vanila, Toreka, Justice, and a whole LOT more from our school!!!!!!!! So I went and got 2 people from the "Army" dance in the production, "Webzidazical" to com and dance with me. So I went and chose Tui and Jordenne because they were the only two that I know where they live. We practice at my house on our deck like about 12 times a day. Finally, it was the real day. There was a lot of food and it was DELICIOUS!!! Her big celebration day was at our church hall.  When it was time for us to dance, I said a speech. Next we started our dance. Jordenne, Tui, and I aced it. Everyone in the hall was suprised and amazed of our dance. We gave it the best we can, and everybody was proud of us. I can never forget that night.

During the special holiday, I got to sleep in. My cousin’s and I slept at 2:30 in the morning, and woke up at about 11am. We were proud that we got to sleep late.

Sometime later, Feeling sad and tired that the longest holiday ever was over, I came to school early in the morning. I just could not wait until the next holiday. As soon as I heard that I was in Mr Harris’s class, I asked myself, “ is he fun? Is he enthusiastic? Is he a cool teacher to understand?” When I walked into his class room which was room 19, the questions I asked myself were both, “YES.” He is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.  I felt glad.