Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Imaginary Story!!! Instrument Explorers

We didn’t know this will happen, we didn’t know we were good at it.........
Have you ever tried to make an instrument?  Do you wish you could? Well this is my imaginary writing that “could” be based on a true story....
I was living with my friends in a cave in Southern Germany. We were not cavemen but we were just hunters. Whenever we go out hunting, we always brought things back. But then one night...
A group of us went out hunting at about 6:00pm. And then guess what!!? I shot a Mammoth! After that, my friend shot a Bird!  We all took it home and explored something.  My friend and I tried to make an instrument!!! After all, instead of us eating it,  we actually made an INSTRUMENT!!!  This is what we did. We cut off the Bird skin and we were left with the Bird bone. I carved and it looked like a piece of stick. My friend put holes in it. Then we use the Mammoth Ivory and sticked on top and there we blowed it and it made a nice and beautiful sound. We called it, “The Flute.” 
All of us were amazed, surprised, and HAPPY!!! So we turned out to be famous.

Thanks to Naomi for letting me read my story to her and for saying, "That's Excellent."

Friday, May 25, 2012

Co-operating with Robyn Kahukiwa's Art

During "Taonga Time" some of the seniors have been put into Mrs Tele'a's group.  We have been learning about a famous artist named "Robyn Kahukiwa." She is a very talented Maori lady with her paintings and what we have been up to is that we have been doing an animation/movie that looks like one of her art. Haere mai, I hope you enjoy "my" movie."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jealous Me!!...

I admitted that I was jealous, but what happened at the competition wasn’t entirely my fault...

Once upon a time,  I was just so so so jealous of my BEST FRIEND!!!!!  He was staying with us for the past few weeks while his parents were in Germany.  His name was Ben and he had no brothers or sisters.

One day, we had our “Athletics Day” at school. We went to a school named South England intermediate. It was fun until I embarrassed Ben in front of everybody.  I tripped him over while he was on his way to the finish line. Everyone was laughing, “Hahahahaha, you should be ashamed of yourself Hahahahahaha.”

While we were laughing, there were tears all over his face.  Anyway, it wasn’t like the story of Cain and Abel. It was more like a threat.  He deserved it because he is always teasing me whenever he gets something from my mother and I don’t.  He is also doing things wrong like cracking a glass of water and blaming on ME!!  I was jealous that I just wanted to make him have a Cardiac Arrest!!!  (That sounds “spooky” doesn’t it.)

I finally felt sorry for him after all.  Why?  Because Germany was massacred while his parents were there.  I also felt really bad (I felt like a bully) at the end of the day.

A very big thanks to Vanila for editing my work and helping me put it into a movie.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Mihi 2012

  Kia ora,

Ko  Hosannah toku ingoa  My name is Hosannah
Ko Setefano toku ingoa whanau   My last name is Setefano
Ko  Maungarei te maunga    my mountain is
Ko   Tamaki te awa (Synonym for Moana)    Tamaki is the river
Ko Pt England toku kura  I go to Pt England  school
Ko Mr Harris toku kaiako My Teacher is Mr Harris
Ko Tauatama Setefano toku Matua  My father is Tauatama Setefano
Ko Tepora Talia toku whaia My Mother is Tepora Talia
No Auckland ahau  I am from Auckland
E Tekau Ma Tahi  oku tau  I am Eleven years old

Oscar Claude Monet

His father ran a grocery business. His mother was an opera singer. April 1st 1851 he entered Le Harve secondary school of arts.  When he was in Paris, he saw other painters copying their masterworks but he would sit by the window and paint what he saw. In Paris  he met other young painters who become friends and fellow impressionists.

Proud To "Do it Properly."

                     This week, our class homework was really interesting to me.  We had to Create a piece of writing (one paragraph or more) that includes the words: Resilience, Resurgence, Cardiac Arrest, Spree 

Well this is what I thought of doing,  “Massacre” can mean to kill.  ( it can either be to people or animals.)  There was a huge massacre in Germany.

“Resilience” means when bouncing back from something someone has been battling against. I underestimated  the resilience of something.

“Resurgence” means an after interruption, or also something you make and it is new, (Renewal.)  Did you resurgence a new copy.

“Cardiac Arrest” means a sudden, frightening, or   stopping and shocking heartbeat and cardiac function, resulting in the loss of effective circulation.   My grandpa had a Cardiac Arrest as soon as my family and I landed to New Zealand from Samoa. That's not true.

"Spree - Two teens went on a killing Spree at their high school or, this massive spending spree is aimed at getting a very good deal with computer manufacturers.

I am very proud of myself.

Thanks to my sister,

For checking my homework and for helping me. I appreciate you.

Popular Sports These Days

                      What kind of sports do you like to play?  Here are the sport I am going to write about.........

    I am going to write about Netball first. Netball is a very popular game for girls, it can also be for boys but some of us are just not into it.  In this really fit sport, there are a lot a stepping, shooting and especially PASSING!! Do you like Netball? I might if I try.  The Netball girls on TV are really talented with their skills about netball! There are also lots of positions and defense.

     Softball is really popular sport for both Girls and Boys. You have to have a baseball bat, bases, helmet and a softball.  I am not into soft ball that much because I don’t know that much rules about it. I think S
oftball was a really popular sport in the olden days.  It is still very popular in the U.S. Lots of people from our school are playing softball this year.

     Rugby! Rugby is one of my favorite sport.  My favorite is LEAGUE!! I use the 3 d’s from a Samoan movie called "The Orator“ Discipline, Defence, DACKLE.” My favorite player in the Warriors is "Shaun Johnson" so far......

What I Have Achieved This Term and my Goals For This Year

My goals for this year is to keep increasing in writing and also to get high marks.  What I have achieved this year is that I am getting better at working in a group and I now have a lot of confidence now. My goal is to less talk and work more.  What is your goal for 2012 “readers”?  From now on I am going to work as hard as I can and to not be a lacker.  


This term, (term 2) as you all know, our theme is called, “Art Alive!”  To me, it sounds like we are going to do a lot art for this term.  I also think we are going to learn about plenty of patterns.  I suggest that we should all make up our own art and name it. GOOD IDEA RIGHT?  My favorite art is the an olden day expensive art named, “Scream!”  Here is what is looks like.

Co-operating, Contributing, and Collaborating With Lines

Can you tell what this piece of art I tried to paint is?  Well this week, our class (rm 19) are learning about lines for our theme this term, “Art Alive.”  We have been practising it a lot already and I still don’t know how to DO IT!  I bet you that you and I can do a lot better than this piece of art.  Lines, lines, lines what can I do about? Room 19 had to try and copy the actual piece of artwork (above).  Well, you can tell what I was trying to draw right? I hope you will get to learn about different kinds of line.

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh is  famous artist, who painted a lot of paintings, including 'The Sunflowers' and his self- portrait (above) .  

He was born in Groot Zundert, Holland on March 30 1853, and committed suicide while he was at a very young age in 1890 . His father was a pastor. He had a very tough life as a child and was unhappy. 

Vincent Van Gogh FINALLY became an artist in his late twenties.  Before he started painting, he worked at a bookstore and as an art salesman. He fell in love with two girls and both were unsuitable and unhappy romances.

We have been trying to paint in his style. We have also been learning about other artists but he is my favorite artist so far.  I think, Room 19 has enjoyed learning about Vincent Van Gogh.

Dear Mr Harris,
Thank you very much for checking my work and saying it is suitable for my age.