Friday, June 15, 2012

Proud To Be A 'Samoan'

 Being a Samoan is a very cool thing!!!! All my life I have been doing and believing in the Samoan culture, in Samoan it is called, “ Le gagana Samoa.” Back in the island, I enjoyed learning a lot of things from my own culture.

What it is like to be an islander is that we get to see how it is in that pacific world. My family and I are christian and we believe in God a LOT!! I go to Tamaki P.I.P.C. Do you know why I am proud to a Samoan? Because I am just USE TO IT!!!!!!!! I was raised up with a discipline. Whenever I go home and turn on the T.V, my mother is always shouting out, “FAI LOU MEA AOGA!!” It means, “DO YOUR HOMEWORK!” If you were a Samoan, what do you think life would be like? Do you think it will be harder? Do you think it will be easier? To me, it is just happier than ever.

There is only one person I can always rely to. That person is, ‘God.’ He is alway by my side and is my one and only God. He has been forgiving me and has never made my life bitter.

I feel really happy and determined of what might be happening in the future.


Zheiyna R said...

Hi Hosannah, It's me Zheiyna. Umm I think u know me from Julia I'm her BFF and she told you about me. Umm I reall like your post about "I'm Proud To be a SAMOAN" I know I agree with you and I am Samoan aswell and I hope I could be able to write like you. :) <3

Jordenne said...

Hi Hosannah,

Being a Samoan is cool!
I'm a Samoan too! Obviously I'm your cousin but being a Samoan feels GREAT!!! What happens if your not Samoan? We can always rely on God.
Fai fa'alelei ou mea.

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