Monday, February 11, 2013

My History, My Heritage!

Before                                                              After

“OMG!!” I shouted as the historic photo of the Tamaki Presbyterian church (also the church I am a pupil of) brought a big smile to my face. This picture (above) is the real one, the real thing I have been waiting for. The first ever look of the presbyterian church on Pt England rd.

My grandfather, Rev. Lei’ite Setefano is now the minister in the Tamaki P.I.P.C standing for, ‘Pacific Islander Presbyterian Church.’  This photo is showing the corner of Pt England rd and Pilkington rd taken in 1867. My family and I are really into church. So I am writing a narrative of what my imagination thinks it might look like those days.............

On a “Roar” Sunday morning, mum cooks porridge for the kids to eat before they all leave for White Sunday. Today was supposed to a nice day, but it was stormy and rainy. The children walk to the kitchen table with their White Sunday clothes ready to eat and all ready for White Sunday. Only about five scoops of porridge and the church bell suddenly rang for everyone to go to church and get ready into their age groups.

Inside the church they went filled with hundreds of people. Joyful songs were heard as they happily walked inside and the whole church was filled with white colours and clothings. Class by class it went doing their plays and bible speeches. The heavy rain went and the sun finally came.

White Sunday came to an end and everybody felt glad. They were also served with a delightful after feast.

White Sunday and Sunday School. We also have a church blog. If you'd like to visit it, click here.


Jordenne said...

Wow! Seeing the old picture of church in 1867.
I can't believe it.
Our Church is much bigger.
Thank you Hosannah for posting that picture.

Good Job!

Miss K said...

Are we turning this into a movie? Maybe could just leave the story? Maybe sing a hymn over the top of the photo with your story?
I love what you have done here!
Great job

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