Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Made up story: How I Became Famous

P1. Today in the morning, my mum and I woke up really early and got ready to take a walk up Mt.Wellington. Outside was that it felt like ice that can freeze you to death, well it wasn’t freezing like cold ice but it was so cold. My mother and I wore long pants, warm jumpers, and also some gloves. We felt so warm now that we were ready to take a walk up the rocky mountain. I was hoping that it is going to be a lot of fun.

P2. I thought we were going to have a lot of fun but the big and high mountain was rrreeeaaalllyyy TIRING!!! As we were walking back down the steeply mountain, guess who we saw? Its John Key the Prime Minister!! I said to my mother, “ look mum, the Prime Minister.” My mum and I were really pleased to see the awsome John Key. He spoke to us in a very clear voice and asked us a question that made me really excited that I wanted to faint.

P3. Our New Zealand Prime Minister asked us if we wanted to go over to his really huge and massive house and have dinner with him, his family, and Richie Mcaw!!! Wouldn’t it be cool if the Prime Minister asked you? Well I was really excited. “ Yes, Yes !! I would like to to come.” I said. I asked my mum if we were allowed to go and she said, “ Of course.” And she have a rest at home. “ Who is going to pick me up?” I said in a Panicking way. John Key said, “ Never mind, you can sleep over at my my place for the night.”

P4. So the JK man and I went to his house. As we got there, “ Wow!” Mr Key’s house is reeaallllyyyy HUGE!!! Everything looked perfect inside John Key’s house like the kitchen, bathrooms, and especially the sitting room. We waited until John Key’s family arrived. In a few more minutes, “ Beep beep!” Their here. I met John Key’s family and they were really kind and polite. Richie Mcaw was hiding in the kitchen when I didn’t even know.

P5. After that, it was dinner time and we all did our prayer began to eat yummy food on the table. I cannot believe that I was eating with some famous people. I felt famous too. Next, Richie Mcaw asked me if I wanted to be on TV with John Key and himself. Of course I did and I was excited. On the next day, I was on TV!! I got to do a speech for John Key and I did very well because I had the confidence to speak in front of a lot of people, and famous people!! Lots of audience were very proud of me and even Richie Mcaw and Especially John Key. That is how I became famous.


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