Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How Can I Achieve My Goal In Every School Subject

I have been thinking to myself, “What will I do to achieve my goal in Maths?” My goal is to use really good strategies and to be part whole. What do you think? In my thinking head right now, I am thinking that I should just listen really carefully and, to just never give up. Another thing I should do is practice it at home a lot of time.

That wasn’t the only subject I should achieve in but I want to try and be a better author on my Personal Blog. I am just so happy that I have written tuns of stories and posting it to the blog. What should I do to be a better writer? Do you think I should use some really good vocabulary’s, or should I use the right punctuations? I bet you that a lot of people will think that I should use both thing along with, a great looking plan and making sense.

Now, I am going to tell you what I would do to move up another level in reading. Well, I will just read and read at home. That was simple, but what else should I do? OOOOoooohh now I know what I should do. I should comprehend and know how to re-tell the story I read.

I just want to be a hard working boy at school. I will never be like that, BUT WAIT! I actually can. For me to be a hard working boy, I am going to not be lazy and I will always do what I am suppose to do. I will stand strong if I want to reach every goal in every subject. There is one word that will always be in every goal and that word is “ACHIEVE!”

My parents always want me to get a good report. I just want to make them happy and proud of me. I think I should work REALLY! Hard in school. Now If they are proud me, then I am proud of myself.


Dorothy said...

Hosannah, I have greatly enjoyed reading through this reflection. You have made some very astute observation and if you were to carry through with the next steps you have identified during the holidays- yes, that's right, during the holidays!- you would be way ahead at the start of next year. How cool would that be?

Mrs Burt

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