Monday, November 14, 2011

Camp Thoughts

Tomorrow morning at around 7:00, all the year sixes are going to a beautiful island called, “Kawau Island.” Well not everyone is going but I am excited to go to camp Bentzon.

I feel so happy about going to another place in New Zealand besides Auckland. I think we are going to have LOADS! Of fun. I have never been to Kawau Island before but I am looking forward to going on a fun trip. I have been living in Auckland for many, many years.

Thinking about my family, I am so going to miss them so much. I think I will cry about leaving my parents and sisters alone. But I think they just want me to have fun. my sisters are a head ache any way.

Fun activities are going to happen there I know because I have heard a lot from my year 7 friends. They just make me feel like going already. I think we are going to be having a terrific time with our friends and teachers. My though is that we are going to finish all the activities each day.

This is a might feel. I might feel sad about coming back or I might be happy. I know it is going to be great to see my family. But is it great leaving Kawau Island?


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