Friday, February 17, 2012

The Great Duffy Theatre

At our beautiful looking hall not long ago, there was a crew called “The Duffy Theatre” that came to perform in front of us. They were so talented and we all CRACKED UP!!! There were also lots of scenes. My favourite scene is when it was Emmy’s Birthday. She was so funny and big. It was great meeting “Duffy.” My favourite actor was “Scruffy.” He is Duffy’s little brother. I liked looking at the best book in the World. These were the other actors in the plays, “Marvel, Rocky, Wiri and SBW.

All my life, I have never read a lot. But When I saw that all Duffy wanted to do was reading, they gave me a good experienced kind of way to tempt to read a lot. Now why don't you start reading?


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