Thursday, February 16, 2012

Netball With Liz

In the recent past, just one week ago, our class went to Netball with excitement. We met a new coach named Liz. She is one of the most experienced netball player I have really seen.

All of us might have remembered “Emma,” last years Netball coach? Well Liz helped us remember the same skills. We learnt the chest and a whole lot more It was SO HOT!! I can’t even handle it.

After all, we had a big game. Most of us worked really well together but some of them had some low-lights. I really enjoyed the big challenge.

Next, the game was over and we just lost by one point. I enjoyed it and I didn’t want it to stop. We just felt like we were a real Netball team.

After all we said goodbye to Liz, and that was the end of our fun day.


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