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At the beginning of week 7 2012, the year sevens and eights had their camp. It was called “CAMP RESPECT!!” We had a humorous time. We also slept in our tents at school on the big field. Our intermediate camp was on for three days and 2 nights, Monday to Wednesday. Lots of us were excited and cannot wait for the camp activities to start. I was “DETERMINED!” This is how the beginning of my camp adventure started...........

First, I came to school and put my bag into where my group name was. I was in “Respestablez.” Next, I went to take my Potatoes and biscuits to the office. More people came and it started to get packed (FULL). After that, we all had to get into our team lines. We started off with a prayer to bless us through out the whole camp. Then we started our activities, “HOORAY!”

My favourite activity was kayaking and ZUMBA with ‘Tyler Jensen’s’ mum. I also enjoyed cooking with Mrs Nua. Well I had fun through out the whole thing, and I do not have a least favourite activities.

Every morning we have to wake up and join Mrs Squires at doing jump jam. Lots of people didn’t people didn’t have energy, but most of us did.

On our second night of camp, we had our school concert. That’s when we all have to perform in front of each other. The group names were the “Respectorz”, “Respectronics”, ‘Respect Squad”, “Respect Crew”, “Team Respect”, and us, the “Respectablez”. Lots of us had a good time. Some people had awards for being the best person at doing the activities with enthusiastic.

Sleeping in our tents was one of my high-lights. On the first night we slept in our tents, we had a BBBIIIIIGGG feed. Max, Silas and I had some delicious food. We had chips, drinks, lollies, and CHOCOLATE!! Lucky we weren’t caught by the teachers. Even though some of the teachers might be reading it. Anyway, we had fun in our tent.

On our very last day of camp, we went to the “Swimirama” pools in Panmure. Everyone had a lot of fun. Guess what? We suddenly saw the WARRIORS! Everybody was surprised to see them. I was also surprised to see James Maloney, Manu Vatuvei, Simon Mannerings, and KEVIN LOCKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were just SSOOOOooooh HAPPY!!! To see them. After that, they went into the inside pools and some of us were feeling down. Next, Marvin, Tui S, Tau, Kobe Winiata and I were playing a really cool game. All of us had to go under the water, open our eyes, and try to guess what we were saying to each other. After that, we had to do the first 2 things again, but we have to have a dancing competition under water. IT WAS COOL!!!!!!!!!!! The best day ever. Morning tea was really nice, but lunch was really DELICIOUS!! We had Pizza, a Roll, and also we had calcium milk. We had to choose between Pizza and Roll. The Pizza was tasty.

About 3 and a half hours later, we left Swimirama. Before we left, we had to go and change. I felt clean after all.

We came back to school on the comfortable buses. As soon as we came back, we went straight to the street. After all that fun time, we say good bye to each other for camp 2012. We finished off with a prayer and went home. I felt good.

Before I finish, I would like to say thank you to the camp helpers for all their help. We are all thankful and grateful. Lots of us love the food and thank to those who kept us safe during 2 night and 3 days. I would like to say thank you especially to those who blessed the food and those who made the food. Thank you to those who came and taught us how to box really really well. I am mostly thankful to Mrs Nua who slept late and woke up really really early. Also, we are grateful to the teachers for always being with their groups and for having our back. And the parents for coming to visit and help. With out you, we wouldn’t be happy. THANK YOU REALLY REALLY MUCH!!!!!!

I would also like to thank Dakota for checking my work to see if it make sense and to see if it is suitable for my age . Click on this link and it will take you to some photos about camp.


Jordenne said...

Hi Hosannah,

What a really nice long amazing story you wrote. Did you have fun?
Was Last years camp better? Were you a leader?

Keep up the great work!!

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