Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 Weeks At School Reflection!

(These 2 pictures are my Sunday School class and placing 1st in the top 3 in our Sunday School Exams.)  For the past few 5 weeks back in school, it has been going well and I feel glad to be in a really cool class with good friends and a wonderful teacher. So far we have been doing lots of learning, creating and sharing, especially movie-making.
Also in the recent past I have found new friends I can count on, Gloria, Tyler-Marie and Kaycee. They are so fun to hang around and make movies with. My new years resolution is to finish everything on time, achieve in many things, try my best and to think about others before myself.

People think I am funny, but I am so loud at times. From now on, I am going to try my best not to distract others. Writing and Maths are my favourite subjects at school. During this term, I have grown in being confident and standing up for my problems.

Last year, there were some big disasters because I needed catch ups. Next week I will be working on my script for our movie competition. I am going to put a lot of effort into it. For this year 2013, I am looking forward to more learning and fun.


Miss K said...

What a super cool reflection. I think you have captured exactly what I have noticed over the last 5 weeks. You are right - you are funny but also really really loud! I am loving your contributions to our classroom as well as your contribution to the choir and band.
Keep working hard and striving to succeed!

Meleane said...

Hey hosannah, What an interesting paragraph you have there I can tell you had lots of fun at Sunday school. I spotted some of my friends that comes to your church. Keep up the cool work!!

Elizabeth C said...

Hey Hosannah,
What a great story you have done, and I like the picture that you posted too.
keep up the great work :)

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