Monday, March 4, 2013

'The Black Hole' New World/................Weird!


“RIINGG RIIINNG RRIRIIIIINNNNNG!!!” The annoying 5:00am alarm rings. I arose anxiously out of my comfortable, funky bed feeling nervous for my first day in high school. I said to myself, “I wonder what it’ll feel like to be in high school, are the people there mean? I hope my teacher isn’t an everyday angus lady/man.”  

Walking slowly down the breezy hallway to the bathroom, I knew I still had lots of time till school started. ‘Click’ the bathroom light illuminated and my eyes were frightened by the brightness.

“My uniform fits perfectly!” I told mum and dad. They were so happy for me, but I still had butterflies in my stomach.

“BEEP!”  “Bye Mum, bye Dad.”  There goes the car, they wave goodbye and oh my gosh, how afraid I was. I was shaking as I walked into my classroom thinking about the processes I was going to go through today.

 “Wait, this isn’t my class. A student told me to turn to the second left. I think she was trying to get me in trouble.”  On the door said ‘7b.’ I sighed and walked in. There were so many photocopiers in the big classroom. There was one big printer in front of me that unexpectedly printed out an A4 paper with a BIG BLACK CIRCLE on it. I placed the paper beside me. I took off my school bag and it suddenly dropped through the black circled paper. “How weird it was.”

I slowly crawled my hand through paper to find my school bag. I feel so free, I feel that I could have anything I want just from a piece of paper.  “There it is.” I pulled out my school and picked the paper up. I walked out the door. Walking down the school hallway just like this  morning, I said “If I could wish for anything that could come true, I’d choose to go to Hollywood with my whole family.”  The paper fell and I accidently stepped into the black hole.................................. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” I shouted as I was falling down into the dark tunnel.
“OUCH!” I shouted as my butt slapped loudly on the grass. “Where am I?” There was a really enormous mountain in front of me. “ Is this rea re real really the exact one. HOLLYWOOD!!!!! WOOO-HOOOO!!!” I felt so happy. I felt something so warm hugging my back. I turned around and it was my parents and siblings. That was a joyous day.

(You can watch the movie above and listen to myself recording in audio-boo. My photo is the liquid pen outside our classroom window of ten paragraphs for the Black Hole that Tyla-Marie, Casey and I created. I Hope you like it. Feel free to comment.) Audio-Boo Recording!


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