Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook Reflection - 2013

Tapping pencils, getting sore hands, messy writing, completing tasks delayingly, BORING!!!! To light up our learning, students at P.E.S have been using net books (mini-laptops.) This change was happily decided by Mr + Mrs Burt three years ago.

As a year 8 student here at Pt England School, I cannot imagine what learning would have felt like without an electrical device which is opened....... DAILY!! Having net books had been an inspiration. Learning with pencils and books in other schools are just... normal. But luckily at Pt England School, students were fortunate enough to use net books as tools which has access to the internet for us all to experience new things.

The main purposes for net books at P.E.S is for us to discover, learn, create and share. Not only do we use net books, but we also use cameras, as well as iPads, flip videos and many more.

My name is Hosannah Setefano and I am a year 8 student at Pt England School. I have enjoyed using net books 

and I would like to thank Mr and Mrs Burt for the big, fun surprise they have happily brought to school.


Miss K said...

What a wonderful mark you are leaving on Pt England Hosannah. I will miss your creativity, the way you take a task and make it your own with your songs and humour.
Keep performing and keep working hard.
I will absolutely miss you, stay in touch.
x Miss King

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