Friday, May 6, 2011

Term 2 Week 1 My Beautiful Holiday

In the 2 weeks holiday, I enjoyed doing the choirs for our church minister. The church minster is my papa’s brother. He and his family lives in a very massive house, every Friday after school, I usually pack my bag and get ready to go over. Rev Le’i’ite Setefano and his wife Lealofisa Setefano treats me as their son because I do most of their choirs. When ever I get a growling from any of them, I do not get angry at all because I know they are teaching me a lesson. My uncle’s daughters and sons sometimes come over for a visit with their kids, one of his daughter is a teacher over here at Pt England school, do you know who it is? Well it is Mrs Tuala my aunty. Every time my cousins and I finish doing the dishes in the morning, we walk down to Tamaki College for a holiday programme. My cousin Rivalana Setefano is one of the leaders, she is the youngest one out of the minister’s daughters. When we get there, we get to have free time playing basket ball and volley ball. The main name for the holiday programme is called Youth Pride, lots of people from our school pops down to have fun. All of the leaders for Youth Pride belongs to the Tamaki P.I.P.C church, and that is the church I also go to, my sister is one of the leaders too.It is the same thing everyday at the holiday programme, our Youth Pride manager is Mike. He is really funny with his jokes, and he teaches us new and fun games like drop sprint and stop,letters,and basket ball and volley ball challenges.We have sausages or fish on bread for lunch, sometime we take our own lunch if we want to. After the holiday programme finished at 2 o’clock, we went home, had a shower and got ready to go to the movies with mrs Tuala, her husband and kids, and also with my uncle Steve and his wife and kids. When we were all ready to go, my dropped us off and we all went to watch the amazing HOP!!! it was very funny and great, it had some sad times too but we still enjoyed. On the next day, my uncle Mene asked Jordenne and I if we wanted to go for a sleep over at his house with his kids, we said yes and we were really excited to go. At my uncle’s house, we played connect.My favourite sport was the athletes, if we want to dance, it show on the television. My cousin and I were against each other and we played, discus, the javalin,athletics and also long jump. When I run on the spot, on the TV it show my character running and jumping because that is long jump. What we do shows on the TV, that is why it’s called connect. Next, we had pizza for dinner. After that we all watch a movie, we watch the documentury Justin Bieber and fell asleep. That day passed, and on the next day we had breakfast, played some play station and went to the library to get some books for the kids, we also had delicous pork buns and drinks for lunch. Next, we got ready to go home and as we got home we said thank you for that fun time we had with them and that is how I had a beautiful holiday.


Mrs Tele'a said...

Hello Hosannah, what a fun and hard working holiday you have had. You sound like one very helpful person. I bet your family absolutely love to have you around. I didn't get to watch Hop in the holidays. I went to watch Rio. Did you get a chance to watch it too? Keep up the good writing Hosannah. An enjoyable read!

Aunty Teuila said...

Wow Hosannah - it sounds like you had an action packed holiday. I wish CP and the rest of the Samoa clan were there to join yous during your holiday of fun. Your story was very nice to read and you are a very important member of our family. We love you so much too - just the way we love Jojo and Lana. Keep up the good work at school and make sure you do all your homework and practise your piano. Love you son. Aunty Teuila xo

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