Tuesday, June 7, 2011

T2W5 Going to Play Netball with Emma

When I heard that we were going to play netball with a very good netball expert, I was really excited and impressed.After the bell rang, I ran as fast as I can so I can be the first person in the line, well I was not the first person in the line, but I was still excited to play a game of netball.As we got there, the netball player greeted us with a “hello” and she told us her name. Her name was “Emma,” she told us she played for a team over here in Auckland.

Next, Emma taught us some of the dynamics that some people do in their Netball training.The fantastic Emma was teaching us all of the dynamics and now I can only remember one of them but I forgot the rest. One of the dynamic exercises is the criss cross, well that is the name that I think it is and I am sure it is not exact name.

After that, Emma taught us how pass the ball in Netball.My favourite pass I learnt with Emma was the chest pass.I learnt that in the chest pass you have to pass in your hands shaped in a "W" and that you have to aim for the persons chest and thats why it is called the "chest passed."

On our last day, we had the best day with Emma. We had a longer game then we usually do, I was the wing defend.When it was our team's turn, I tried my best using all the dynamics while we were playing.Next, it was time to say goodbye to the intallergent Emma.We had so much fun with coach Emma.


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