Friday, June 24, 2011

My Humurous Time at Our Rugby Game

This week, on Monday, we had a good exercise walk down to Dunkirk in the morning for our Rugby game. I felt really excited and fresh because I will be having my first game since this whole term, I also knew that our Rugby game was not going to canceled because it was a beautiful day.When we get there, I know I am going to see my old friends from my old school Ruapotaka. Our walk made some people tired and exhausted from them having to catch up with their team, but I was lucky because I was walking with coach Mr Somerville.
When we got there, t I saw my old friends from Ruapotaka, they made me want to go back to Ruapotaka. As soon as we sat down, miss Va’afusuaga told us that we can have our snack and rest before our game starts. So I got my pear out of my school bag and started eating my fruit. Sitting down, eating my delicious pear, I was thinking about my tackling and passing, I knew I was going to try my very best.
Next, Mr Somerville called the over 50 team to go and play a passing game before our real game starts. We played the game of Zig Zag. We another played a game of passing, but we have to form a circle and the rules are, if it is a bad pass, you have to do five push ups and if you drop the ball, you have to do ten push ups.We did not just our passing, we practised our tackling too.The over 50 team were practising how to tackle the left and right side.We had lots of laughter and fun and I did not
After our practising game, it was time for our real game against Panmure Bridge Primary School. I was one of the reserves for Richard, that means I am playing as a prop. When I went on for him, I tried my best tackling my marker and I ran as fast as I can to knock them out. Next, Richard scored our first try, “beep!” the whistle went, and there was a try from one of our best players.After that, our team won against Panmure Bridge by miles, they had absolutely no scores at all.We had to play for 20 minutes in all our games. We played against St Pius in our second game. Mr Somerville told us that we are not just playing because its fun, but to play and run with our hearts and strength. So I played with strength and I also ran with my heart, that made me get the confidence. Our team had excellent sport men ship and we won for playing as hard as we can. There goes the beeping sound, we won our game and we were really proud of ourselves. We had 2 more games to go and I was hoping for our team to win the tournament. Tamaki Primary was our next game, if we win against Tamaki Primary, we will be in the final so I did a prayer before our game. Our team got some tries and the other team got some tries.We had the most tries and that means we made it to the finals, that day was one of the best days I have ever had.Our final game was against Bailey Road school, their school had some big guys in their team, but I had the faith to play against them. As the game started, I did some pretty good tackles. Bailey Road Primary school got the first try, I knew they were going to be hard to play against but I still was not afraid. When we did our kick off, the game went on, someone from our team got the ball and scored a try for our team.It was one all, then we started playing seriously and Alex scored the second try. Next, time was up, and it was like the crowd going wild for the winning team.I was really happy with myself and the coach was proud of me.
After that my dad was coming to watch us but I told him that our game was finished.I also told him we won all our games, he said even though he wasn’t their, he was still proud of me. When it time for me to go home with my father, I was too happy that I wanted to play again.I had a humorous time at our Rugby game.


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