Thursday, August 25, 2011


As soon as I heard that a big family of 11 had a fire accident in Australia, I felt really sad and sorry for them. They lived in a two-story house. I cannot stop thinking about it because their whole was in the accident except for the father of the family and I think one other kid.

It started with the house burning in the kitchen from down-stairs, while the family were all up-stairs trying to escape. They had no where to go. But, the dad was thinking and had cracked a window, threw out a mattress, and leaded the way by jumping outside and landing on the mattress. Now I bet you that the family was so afraid of having to jump out, but that was the only way. None of the family wanted to jump out so they stayed inside and then, “BOOM!” They all had died by not jumping out.

Now the father of the family feels that he had been aggressive about his family when he tried to save their LIVES! The main thing about this story is that we have to think and to choose the right thing. DO IT!!!


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