Thursday, August 4, 2011

Looking Forward to the New Term

After the holidays, it was really good to come back to school. What are my goals? Well, my goal is to finish all assignments instead of talking. My other goal is to listen to my teacher so that will know what to do. Do you know what my last goal is? It is to increase lots and to improve in my learning.

This term, I am looking forward to learning lots about the Rugby World Cup and especially learning about SAMOA because it is my own culture. Did you know that I don’t really know that much about rugby? But I am hoping I will learn lots about it. This term I am looking forward to memorising all of the 20 team that are going to the CUP!!!

Did you know that I always wanted to do good things in school to make people and especially parents proud of me. If I want that to happen, then I should think about it all the time.This term I am going to try and improve in everything.


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