Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Having Fun Playing Badminton with Laurien

After hearing that my class and I were going to practise and learn how to play the sport “Badminton” with a professional, I felt really EXCITED!!!! Did you know that I have been wanting to playing Badminton since a very long time? I was very pleased to hear great news that day. Nearly everyone in my class felt really HAPPY! Few minutes later, “Ring ring ring!!!” The loud ringing bell finally rang after morning tea. It was time for us to go to Badminton in the hall.

As we got to the hall, we saw an expert waiting there for us. Her name was Laurien and she was ready to start off our sports day. First, we had to get ourselves a racket and a shuttle each and form a big circle.( If you are wondering what a shuttle is, it is what you hit the racket with when you are playing Badminton) Do you know how to hold a “Racket?” This amazing female told us that we had to stick out our thumb like we are showing a good sign to another, then we have to turn it upside down and hold it behind the racket.

Next, we had to find our own partner and we have to challenge them with our own moves. So I went and got my best friend, Tui and we had a very tough challenge. We were both laughing at each other when we didn’t hit the shuttle. My friend and I were having a great time of laughter.

While our class were having our fun challenge, “SHUTTLE!” The amazing expert Laurien shouted loudly. That was for us to stop. Our amazing experienced expert taught us some really interesting moves and those moves were the real moves. My class and I felt amazed. She also hit the shuttle with her racket “UNDER HER LEGS!!!” How cool is that?

About 5 minutes later, Badminton was finished and I heard that we are going to have another Badminton teacher for the next week. I heard that her name was Donna. I could not wait to meet her. Also, I bet you that we are going to have a lot of fun with her.



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