Friday, October 28, 2011

My Really Enjoyable Holiday

For the first day of my exciting holiday, my family and I went to church for White Sunday. I really enjoyed it because in our class play, I was acting as Jesus. The story was called, “The Last Supper.” Tui and Toreka were in the same class as I was. Everyone did really well when they did their parts in class by class. After White Sunday was finished, we had a BIG BBQ!! I had lots of fun playing with my cousins and eating the the really DELICOUS RIB! That was one of the best days of my life.

During the first week, my family and I went to watch “The Orator.” This movie is a Samoan movie and it is really funny and exciting. It shows people about what we do in Samoa. The Orator also shows people what you have to do if you want to be a chief.

On Friday, the first week, I went to the big sleep over at my aunty and uncle’s house. We actually went earlier at the day time. That means we get to play on the trampoline and play on the big car park next to my aunt and uncle’s enormous house. They live right next to our church because my uncle is the pastor. After that, it was getting dark so we went to inside and got ready to go to sleep. We were talking to each other while we were setting up our bed.

That night passed, and on Saturday, we all went to Mc Donald for breakfast. “MMMmmmm.” I said as soon as I got my Pancakes. I put the syrup and butter on my pancake. After breakfast, we went to bowling. My cousins and I were having a great time. I came third in our pool with 92 point. When our game was finished, we went to the Time Out to play some games and win some for a prize. I won 109 tickets and got me some cool prizes. My prize was a yo-yo and and a really cool rist band.

Next, we went to watch“Real Steel” at the cinemas. It is a REALLY cool movie about robot having a boxing match. My favourite robot witch is Adam was the best robot out of all of them because he won all of his boxing matches. After the great movie, we all went to my cousin Xavier and Caanan’s house. We played kinect and had a lot of fun because we got to sleep there.

We went to Carls Jr on Sunday for a treat. We all went there because we did really well in our Sunday School exams. Carls Jr was very yummy, delicous, crunchy, and tasty. My favourite food there was the onion ring and the happy meal burger which was really big.

For labour day, it was just a relaxing day for us. We were also getting ready for our family meeting at 12:00. The meeting was for our reunion in 2015. I just can’t wait because it is held in Samoa. I am also going to meet some of relatives that I have never met before.

My enjoyable holiday was over and it was a fun holiday for me. I was also glad to come back to school.


Raeleen said...

Hi Hosannah I really like your story about your fun and enjoying holiday.The Samoan movie was so cool my aunties told me about it

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