Thursday, July 26, 2012

Making Decisions!!

Our task was to write about making decisions and about which way we choose. Whether we choose the right or wrong.

Here’s what I have been up to.........  Sometimes I just get tempted to choose the wrong.  But mainly, I have to stay calm.  Making choices obviously is a very hard thing that can affect our family, friends, school or teachers and principals.  I have had this thing happening to me before and sometime we affected things and sometimes we didn’t. “We” is the 5 things above.  A bit of advice is, to follow the 3 P’s and 3 D’s.  Our 3 P’s are “Partnership, Participation and Protection.” Also, the 3 D’s are “Dedication, Desire and Determination.”  Compare making decisions to life. In the “Life Education” Caravan, we learnt the exact same thing.Stop,Think and then “Do.”Are you making the right decision?

Thanks to Vanila for helping me edit my work.


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