Friday, July 27, 2012


Room 19 are going to have a paper airplane challenge.  Everyone of us had to find a partner and participate in the competition.  I have been testing it and it can go very far just like going for gold.  We are all really excited for this fascinating challenge.

My partner is Mary Vaisima and she is a very good and talented friend.  Our class teams had to choose a country that is participating in the Olympics 2012 apart from New Zealand.  We are having 4 different races and they are: 1. Greatest average distance 2. Most accurate 3. 4 x relay (greatest distance). All distances will be measured in a straight line.  Mary and I are the Nigerian flag and we are SO! Excited. Are you excited rm 19?


Vivienne said...

Hello Hosannah,
Awesome writing! I wish our class was doing an air plane challenge as well. Anyway I hope you and Mary win. I can't wait to read more interesting post. Keep it up!


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