Thursday, July 19, 2012

"GO FOR GOLD!!!!!"

Our topic for this term (term 3) is, “GO FOR GOLD!!”  Our class is learning about the Olympic games.  Are you interested in our theme? Well, come along and I will take on a little adventure..........

The Olympics is a really popular thing to New Zealand and worldwide. Lately my class has been looking and researching about famous athletes that really inspire us. I chose a well known swimmer called, “Michael Phelps!!! I am enjoying our theme right now, here is an acrostic poem that covers the words and letters, “GO FOR GOLD!!!”

Good Athletes
Optional Sports

Fast Feet
On the GO!
Reeeaaalllyyy Determined!


Desire, Dedication, Determination!!!

Thanks to Athena for Helping me.


Dante said...

Hi Hosannah,

I like your piece of writing that you put on your blog it is really interesting and cool, keep up the great work and have a good day. Go For Gold.

Zheiyna R said...

Hi Hosanna-h Its me Zheiyna and I really like you Blog. I like your design but most importantly I really like the sort of language you use in your writing especially
"Our Assignment"

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