Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Singing Experience!

There has been one thing that I have always dreamed of. Being a star in singing. Singing has been a good experience to me. Everywhere I go, I just sing all day long but no-one hears me so I am writing about ‘SINGING” and what I wish will happen.

I started singing when I was 4 years old and I kept practising with my older sister. I think my singing sounds beautiful and I was born to sing. Oh, I just found my talent. I am going to take you on an adventure about my dream.............

On a hot, bright, sunny day, I went to visit Beyonce and Usher in their studio. We all sang together a song named, “One Plus One” with one verse each. I enjoyed the harmony because it sounded beautiful and we weren’t too hard and we weren’t too soft but just right.

A month later, our album was published with all the songs we sang on it. The whole world heard it about a year later and I said to both Beyonce and Usher, “I am really proud to be a singer.” They laughed and I cannot believe I was with two of the world’s top singers. “Let’s go lunch at the Italian Kebab restaurant, I am starving.” Beyonce said. (But that time, it was only her and I.) The Italian fries and burger were delicious.

Beyonce took me back home and I said, “That was a really fun day shopping with you Beyonce, Bye.” I said with a lot of bags linked on to my arms.

I love singing because I learnt that if you keep practising and getting use to sing in front of others, you can achieve your goal.

Thanks to Turuhira for helping me edit my work.


Jordenne said...

Hey Hosannah,

Your voice is really beautiful. It sounds very sweet. Would you be surprise if it came true??

KEEP IT UP!!! Go to New Zealand's got talent. Because you have a great talent!!!

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