Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Fun Stomach Churning Roller-Coaster! (Narrative)

It was a nice day when my family and I decided to go to the new fantastic ride, ‘The Stomach Churning’  in Manukau.

During the day, when we got there. It was finally our turn to go on the ride and I had butterflies. It started moving and in 5 secs, it was epic f
ast. It was my time to prepare to die. My mum was scared that we might fall off. It was frightfully FUN after all! Round and roun
d we went around the high Stomach Churning coaster. After a fancy, horror kind of ride, I felt dizzy that I wanted to barf (Puke.)

The Stomach Churning roller-coaster was the meanest ride I have been on. I felt really joyful and I acted like a clown. WHAT A FUN DAY I HAD.

“ Thanks Mum and Dad.” I said Joyfully.


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