Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I don’t like smoking because I learnt that it can affect your body and it also kills. Smoking is dangerous for your health and increases your chances of dying. I think that smoking is bad for you because it starts to shrink your vital body-parts to cause any kind of diseases. We have 3 different body parts that we can’t live with-out which is the heart, lungs and brain.  I am writing a story about smoking and hopefully you are interested.

Smoking can cause lung cancer. 90% of men and 80% of women who die from lung cancer are caused by smoking.  Another disease that can kill caused from smoking is Coronary Heart Disease. This disease shrinks the veins and slows the blood and oxygen from pumping to your heart.

Did you know that if you smoke a lot or too much daily, it can cause a risk of heart, lung and brain disease (Or stroke.) Do you feel so annoyed when people just smoke around you? Most people that smoke have to risked their life and gets stressed when they quit. When parents smoke around their children, they are inspiring their kids to smoke. I feel so uncomfortable around it and smoking, not my future!

I want smoking to stop, I feel like having a back up plan to stop my mother from smoking, I think that there is still a chance for smokers to quit. I have shown how and why smoking is bad for you.

Thanks to Turuhira for helping me with editing my writing.


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