Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Elephant's Eye! (Narrative)

“Hosannah, wake up we’re in India,!” My mum said.UP! I got straight away with excitement. I had a very strange dream about an Elephants eye. Out of the plane we went and  “aaaaaahhhhhhh, what a nice Indian smell.” We said. ‘We’ are my parent, my 3 sisters and I. We went to visit India because it was all up to me where our holiday was going to be.

We’ve been there for 2 days now and I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and the delicious Indian food, but my dream about the Elephant’s Eye was true. In India, Elephants are very popular. There are always Elephant’s near me but mostly right in front of giving a dirty shower.

Every night in the fun hotel I was staying at with my family, I kept on wondering why that wild animal keeps on staring at me.  I think it’s a bad luck charm.

One day when I walked past a shop in the New Market, a guru said, “Oi Boy, come here.” He told me what I am scared of in India and all my problems. I asked, “What does it mean to have an Elephant staring at you every time?” The Guru smiled and said that it’s actually a good luck charm. After all, I smiled and about 3 days later it was true. I got to get what I wanted and my family and I had a lot of EXTRAVAGANZA FUN .

It was our last day in India and I felt glaaaaaddd and delighted.

Thanks to Mary for checking my work for me.


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