Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finally Getting A Chance To Have A Conversation With The Popular ‘Oprah!’

I have been learning about conversations (speech marks.) Room19's task was to write a narrative of meeting your fan. Not particularly your favourite fan, but a lively famous person. I chose Oprah and this was our conversation.....................

I strolled onto the stage, “WOOHOO!” I shouted.
“I’m finally famous.” I said.
“Hello Hosannah,” Oprah Winfrey says while I finally sat down with the audience cheering.
Oprah asked, “How are you?”   
“Good thanks.” I replied. I was thrilled to see her.
“Oh my, I cannot believe I am with one of the richest human beings in the WORLD!” I said and again, the crowd went wild on the Oprah show.  You may know that I am on T.V .
She asked me really hard ‘questions’ and that’s where I get really embarrassed with goosebumps.
She asked things like, “When you first met me what did you think of me?.......... What’s been on your mind?........ What are you excited about at the moment?.......When was the last time you made a difference to somebody?....... Who are you really happy for at the moment?....... When was the last time you felt inspired?” I tried my best and she was Happy!  “So tell us, why are you here with me today?” She asked.
I said, “I am just one of your biggest fans and I am SO SO SO SO SO excited to get to know you more.”
“Well, I am very glad you’re here now, Hosannah, think of a conversation for you and I talk about and tell me all about it, I will help you out.”
I thought, “Well think I have to be a better Pt Englander.”
“What is a Pt Englander?” Oprah asked me. My response was,
“Well I am a student at Pt England school in New Zealand, Auckland.”

Soon after, that fun was over and I asked finally,


“Sure Hosannah.” Oprah answered


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