Wednesday, November 28, 2012


In the land of, “Tubby-Land,” 4 big, giant, cute babies meet. They were, Tinky Winky=Purple, Laa-laa=Yellow, Dipsy=Green and Po=Red. The 4 babies named themselves,”The Teletubbies!”

Four Teletubbies enjoy their times in Tubby-land until..................

One day, they all had a Scooter Race. “Ready, steady GO!” shouted Laa-laa. They were all having fun. Po won because she loves to honk on her wee Scooter.  Dipsy and Laa-laa went well BUT!!! Tinky Winky fell and this was where the problem happened.....................

How did they solve the problem? Well, Po ran back to her house and got some pluster, Laa-laa had a bottle of water in her pocket to  stop the blood from coming out and Dipsy massaged him. Tinky Winky was crying.

After all, the problem was solved and Tinky Winky felt better. Next, they all went home and “Whoo that was fun” said Po.


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