Thursday, May 16, 2013

Persuasive Argument- "The Heart Attack Grill!"

Living without food could be hard. But think of the kids in Africa and in needy homes! Because of that, I am going to take on an adventure to........ T.H.A.G! “The Heart Attack Grill!”  (A food store where morbidly obese people eat bad food which leads to death FOR FREE!)

 Our class did an activity about what we felt about The Heart Attack Grill.

Here's what I think: The first thing that pops up in my head was, ‘Why would someone operate a store that provides more fat to your body?’ I think that the “Heart Attack Grill” should not operate anywhere near us. Why? Well here are my reasons........

Reason 1: Their food contains ‘lard’ which is fat oil that can causes heart disease.

 Reason 2: It can also bypass your heart which is an open heart surgery. An obese man named Blare who played the main part in their advertising commercial passed away recently from eating there everyday. 

Reason 3: Another reason is because it is creating super obesity around our bodies, arteries and vessels.”

If T.H.A.G opened up in Glen Innes, I think that obesity among us will increase and there will be more fat and hardly any lives. The owner of the T.H.A.G food-store should know what really is in our food and how it effect our bodies.

Here is the video of “The Heart Attack Grill” held in America. Feel free to watch and leave a comment.


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