Friday, May 17, 2013

"Will.I.Am Visits Pt England School." (That Power Justin Bieber ft Will.I.Am)

A heap of cameras surrounded our school hall while we were all waiting for the amazing, world-wide rapper, WILL.I.AM!! Yip, the actual one! We were all determined to see him. Henry and I warmed up our voices in preparation. We are singing to him, Yay!

Everyone in the school hall silenced in agitation. Will.I.Am walked through the ‘entry’ door and we were all “WOWED!” By his amazing look.

Will.I.Am talked about his life and how he was raised in a very poor neighbour-hood. We were inspired by his speech about “Living The Dream!” Thank God he was here with us to share some of the amazing experience of what he did to become famous. Look at him now. We were also thankful because........................... He donated $100,000!! To the Manaiakalani Education Trust. Mr Burt along with the other principals from the eastern zone schools were surprised with happiness.

I enjoyed having Will.I.Am at our school. ‘Well done Pt England for being representative role-models.”

Room 15 Task

Because of that, Miss King got us to write a simpler meaning of his new song with Justin Bieber, ‘That Power.’

I compared the meanings of ‘That Power’ to his poor life and living. In between the song, he says, “I use to have a piggy bank, but now I have a bigger bank.” This is what got me thinking. When he was poor and had needed, he saved his money in a piggy bank for food and safe furniture. But now since he is famous, he has a bigger courier and a bigger bank! Justin Bieber also says ‘I’m alive and I can fly.’

If you can’t quite get it, here is the link to his new latest song “That Power.”


Dorothy said...

Nice work Hosannah - I love your take on this amazingly awesome experience. How incredible to be able to say "I sang for!"

Mrs Burt

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