Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maths Problem Solving - Hosannah, Max and Zion

Max Pizza from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Miss King put us into groups of 3's. We were all in different maths group with different solving abilities. Each person was to explain how they worked this maths problem out:

This was my equation:
At the Pizza Place there were 3 tables with the same size. And at the Chicken 'N' Chips there were 4 tables with the same size and also the same tables with the ones at Pizza Place. The Chicken 'N' Chips food store had 24 seats. So the question was, how many seats would be at the Pizza Place?
This was how I worked it out:
So there are 24 seats at Chicken 'N' Chips with 4 tables. I divided 4 by 24 which was 6 so that means that 6 people were to sit at each table. But at the Pizza Place, it was one table less so I took away 1/4 of 24 and it made 18. Taking away 1/4 is the same as taking away 6 to equal to 18 a.k.a, 3 tables.
So the answer was 18.

Question 2:
One hour later, 1/3 of the seats at Chicken 'N' Chips was empty and 1/2 of the seats at the Pizza Place were empty. So if there were 18 people who wanted to go out, how many would not be able to sit down?
I took away one 1/3 of 24 which made 8 and 1/2 of 18 which was 9. So all I needed to do was add the 9 and 8 which was 17. But there were 18 people who needed to go out so the answer is 1 because 17 is '1' less than 18.
Miss King chose Max from our group to explain the questions and how he solved them in his own words.


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