Tuesday, August 27, 2013


While sprinting the first part of the course, I knew that I should’ve kept at a certain pace. Slipping and jizzling near the corner of the rugby field, the mud puddles started to annoy me. Oh, I forgot to tell you that it was the day of our school cross country and all the Pt Englander’s from years 1-8 had to compete. It was a sunny day and people were filled with joy and laughter. Whereas those who were complaining tried to act as if they were sick. Our school house colours and house captains were:
Te Arawa - Jay’lee.N + Kingston.L..... Helpers- Myself, Tui.S, Alex.T, Mateo.T and Waata!
Mataatua - Alexandria.J + James.T
Takitimu - Jesiah.T + Mary.I
Tainui - Carlos.S + Hueloata.T
I was actually feeling confident to run the cross-country because it didn’t seem to look long after our fun run completion last term. Anyway, back to running. Not even 20 seconds into the running and I felt reeeaaalllyyy TIRED! I was out of breath but kept going. That showed that I was using our school logo which is, “Strive to Succeed!” Even though I wanted to stop really bad, I set a stopping point which was where Miss King and Ms Walters were standing. ‘Not bad’ I had thought. “Go Hosannah!!” I heard Miss King supporting me for temptation to do my very best. I ran to her like a rugby player scurrying towards the opposition. As I stopped after Miss King and Ms Walters, I saw Kingston and company approximately 25 seconds ahead of me. Aching thighs had affected me big time but my goal was to not give up. Behind me was Jordin and he was doing really well.

Running past the teachers and service academy has been a big encouragement throughout the run. Thinking that we were to run three laps, I was relieved when I heard Miss King telling me that there is only one more lap until I am completed.

C’mon!!........... That was how bad I couldn't wait for until completion. After I jogged past the school for the last time, I squished my feet into the mud which had splattered all over my feet and clothes. As I zig zagged past the watery mud, my legs felt hydrated if thats what people call it. As I saw a lot of people running past the finish line, I had wished for the first time that my ability was similar to theirs.

Soaring past the teachers, I had noticed the finish line up top. Feeling excited to finish the cross country for 2013, I sprinted up at the pace I wished I could’ve for the whole course.

Realizing that school had finished and that everyone had already left the hard court, it didn’t seem to feel like I was in good position but I was still happy that I had finished and there is no more worrying. YAY!!! I have completed the CROSS COUNTRY!

Thanks to all those who had been encouraging our school and for supporting us in our fun run. It was also fun to take part in leading and representing our house colour, “TE ARAWA!”


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