Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rosa Parks - First Black Woman to Stand up to Civil Rights!

My inspiration lately has been 'Rosa Parks.' She was the first ever woman with colored skin to stand up to human rights and here is how she made history (you could also watch this video above to give you more ideas.)

On the 1st December, 1955, Mrs Parks was waiting at the bus stop after a stressful day at work. With having to work hard but getting paid very few, Rosa couldn't bare to keep her eyes wide open. Finally, the bus arrived to take her home. Stepping into the bus with excitement to arrive home, Parks gave her money to the driver which was found as a follower of the law of segregation.

After Rosa sat down, a new white passenger boarded on that same bus. The bus driver had asked all the people whom were 4 seats away from the white seats to give up their seats. But Rosa had made a change by refusing to stand up and move.

Her interest in civil rights had been active in history. Sooner or later, she was sentence to prison.

After every black person had heard about this shocking story, they organized a boycott. All the black people in the town of Montgomery, U.S of Alabama where Rosa lived did not board on buses and lasted up to 381 days. Since African Americans made up about 75 percent of the riders in Montgomery, the boycott posed a serious economic threat to the company and a social threat to white rules in the city. A group named the Montgomery Improvement Association, composed of local activists and ministers, organized the boycott. 

Martin Luther King. Jr, a new baptist minister in the town of Montgomery was known as the leader for the African American boycott. This is what I call, 'temptations for the law of segregation to be changed.'

Sometime later, the buses were integrated meaning that black passengers could sit anywhere in the bus. Rosa Parks had made history by standing up to civil rights and for fighting for her people.


Dorothy said...

I share your view of Rosa Parks Hosannah. What courage she had.

I enjoyed it when you told her story in your own words....

Keep sharing

Mrs Burt

Raeleen said...

Hi Hosannah,
I really love your Rosa parks writing. I just finishing watching the video you uploaded and WOW!! it gave me some more information
Good writing Hosannah
Can' wait for your next post..

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