Thursday, October 31, 2013

'Who let the Crocodile OUT!?'

“Son, hop in the car we’re goin’ to Aunt Bam’s house!” Mum shouted from the kitchen as I played outside.

Scurrying towards the car with excitement, I jumped in, and CLANG! “AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!” I cried out. The door jammed my finger. Mum saw what was happening from the kitchen and ran outside to me with an ice-pack. As the pack burned on my left index finger, all that I could think of doing at Aunt Bam’s house was just sitting down and reading a book. I HATE BOOKS!!

Driving through to Aunt Bam’s house onto the grass, I wondered if my cousin John was there. Poor mum had to open my door. Anyway, I felt like the KING OF THE WORLD!!........ (I wish.)
Slowly walking inside the door entrance, I hugged Bam and asked for John.
“No, John’s not here, he went to his friends Birthday Party, but other wise, you can watch T.V and read a Book?”

Loudly conversations were made with laughter from the dining room by Mum and Bam. I opened up a book called, ‘WOW!’ It looked pretty interesting because there was no picture on its cover. Leaning back onto the comfy lazy-boy seat, I began to read.

I realised that books could start to be one of my hobbies. This book ‘WOW’ had got me connected and made my day! As I read on through, something strange happened to the chair. It rocked, it roared, it made weird noises like a squeaking, creepy and horrid door which leads its way to DARKNESS! ‘Nah, it’s just the thing itself.’ I thought.

But it WAS’NT!!! Slowly crawling out from behind me was a-a-a-a-a............ CROCODILE!

It creeped up towards mum and aunt Bam whom were having a fun time. Staying quiet was I.



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