Monday, November 4, 2013

'Slip, Slop, TOMATO FIGHT!'

France is pretty hot over here compared to Auckland.
Yes, yes I’m in France staying with my aunt Tania and Uncle Teanui for the holiday. AND EVERYTHING HERE WAS 1/2 price! Chhooiice, or should I say, ‘choix.’

My ‘family’ and I were in town shopping for something special...... They said it was a surprise for me. But goggles, togs, gloves, what were they thinking? All that I could think of being a surprise for me in France was swimming. But it was no difference to Auckland.

As I waited outside from the entrance door, an annoying voice from a speaker unexpectedly spoke up. The echoing vocal came from far away in all different directions. Panicking, I ran inside to my cousins and told them what I had saw and heard. ‘Don’t worry Raphael, your surprise is COMING NEAR!’ They answered horridly.

From the distance, every single person from outside faced to the biggest tower in town. WHAT!? I don’t get it. Suddenly, the tower squirted out blood and created a stream which flowed near us!

Frightfully dropping my jaws with horrific feelings, a war began! “What’s that smell? OMG, its tt-tt-ttoomm..... TOMATOES!”

Within a minute or two of crazy clowns fighting and enjoying themselves, I became irritated with people spiking me in the face big time. So my only choice was to join them.

Slipping and slopping in the Tomato pool, I had the best time of my life. Benecio, Aaron and I jumped off from the high buildings down to the refreshing tomato which shivered me up.

With embarrassment, my cousins and I were growled at for joining in without the rest of the family and had to go home. Apart from that, tomatoes made my day.


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