Monday, September 26, 2011

Having FUN at Rainbow's End!!!

On a hot sunny day, my aunty, cousin, and Jordenne went to Rainbow’s End for Jordene’s 9th birthday. I felt really excited as soon as we got there. I was also afraid to go on the Fear Fall.

Our first ride to go on was the Power Surge. As soon as we all buckled up and started, we first went up and then we started spinning around and upside down. I felt really scared that I can feel myself starting to fall off a little. Jordenne and I were wanting to get off already because it was too scary.

Next, we went to the Gold Rush. It looked really cool to go on. We all started screaming when we were in the dark. We were shouting and screaming because there were a lot ghosts and horrible things popping out and the scariest part is when it looked like we were going to crash into another ghost's car.

After that, we went on the Log Flume and I was amazed when I heard that we were going to ride on water. When we were in the dark, we could see little, small, big and strong looking toys. The toys made the ride better. We went down the big slide and we had to look at the big white camera. We had to do any pose. I poke the tongue. Silly me.

Rollercoaster time! I was really excited to go on the Rollercoaster. Up, down, and upside down we went. That was FUN!!

After that, Jordenne and I went on the new ride, THE INVADER!! When it started, it wasn’t scary but it felt LIKE A LOT OF FREEDOM! It was COOL!!

Next, we went into the motion master. ( If you are wondering what we do in the Motion Master , it is like a movie theatre that you go into and you wear 3D glasses. Also, the chair you sit on moves around really crazy because we watch a movie that has really scary rides.) In the movie, it felt like I was really in it.

For the last ride, we went on the FEAR FALL!! As soon as we went up, I felt scared because I knew that it is just going to COLLAPSE!!! When the Fear Fall just deadly collapse, I got a really big butterfly in my stomach. “THAT WAS FUN!!” I said.

At the end, we went back home. As we got home, we all felt Happy. We were happy because we had a happy and Fun day.


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