Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Long Run!!

In the recent past, years 1 to 6 had the opportunity of running 2 KILOMETRES! For cross country. How long and tiring would that be. I will never forget the longest run of my life.

Sitting nervously on the grass at the reserve, it was time for us to stand and walk to the line. As soon as Mr Burt shouted “GO!” I tried to pace myself and it was working out really well. A few minutes later, I was really tired and I thought to myself, “WHEN IS THIS IS GOING TO BE FINISHED.” I was running and puffing out. While I was running, my legs were starting to get a little bit sore, and I felt dead with the big stitch I had. “KEEP GOING HOSANNAH!” My friends, (Cecilia and Hainite) shouted. So I ran hard and I was happy because my friends were there to cheer me on. ( Champions never give up.)

As soon as I was right near the school getting to the finishing line, Mr Barks cheered me on and he was funny. I finally finished and I was happy of giving it a try while I was tired and exhausted on the ground.

The running day was over and my class and I went back to class. I was proud of myself. "I bet you my mum will be happy with me for giving it a try.
I said to myself with a smile in class.


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