Monday, September 19, 2011

Manu Samoa Losing Their Match against Wales

Getting really excited about the game, I bet my cousin (Esrah) that the Manu Samoa are going to win against the Wales. My cousin and I were having a friendly argument about who is going to win. I was teasing my cousin as he was also teasing me.

Few minutes later, at 3:30, the game started as I sat down with confidence. I started feeling nervous after the kick-off because it looked like the Wales were going to waste them and they were trying their very best. At that time, my cousin started to say, “ I told you they were going to win.”

During the game, “WOO-HOO” everyone in our house started shouting right after we got a try. Again, “HOORAY” my family shouted after William’s kicked the ball over the goal post. We were winning just before it was half-time.

Right after half-time was finished, both teams were playing hard. I was just saying, “ I can’t believe that Wales are really hard to play against today.” 40 minutes later, it was full-time and I felt sad because Samoa lost against the Wales. The Manu Samoa were still happy after all.


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