Monday, August 20, 2012

Exhausting, Strenuous, Arduous, Wearing, Demanding, Laborious Cross Country! The Worst Thing I've Ever Done!

Recently, Pt England had their cross country and I had no choice but to run it.  It was nerve racking for me because there were some fast people I had to face and run with. All of us (the Juniors, Seniors plus the Teachers and Parents) Walked down to the hard-court for the 2012 cross country. It was that time when nearly everyone gets scared and doesn’t want to run.  Anyway I was in the Red house, ‘Te Arawa.’

Guess what happened to me? I was trying to hide but then I got court from one of the parents.  “Oh... I don’t want to run.” I said.

Still sitting on the hard concrete having butterflies in my stomach, I was finally allowed to get up and support my cousins. While they were running, it pressured me!  I was too nervous so I went to my friends. I felt better after all.

It was our turn to run.  As soon as we heard Mr Burt say, “GO!” we ran our hardest and not even 2 steps it was already slippery and our shoes were already muddy.  Serena aced it. “Around the cone guys”  Ms Squires said.   I tried to stop at a big puddle of mud but I couldn’t because if I did I would have came last and that’s embarrassing. My shoes were muddy all over. I was disappointed!

We had to run 3k’s. First we ran around the trees then we got to the Pt England Reserves and that’s where we got too muddy.   We ran around the reserves and we ran into the forest/bush. It was exhausting and I ran with difficulty!

A lot of people ran past me. One of the teachers, 'Miss V' said, “You're not half-way yet!”  "Oh My GOSH!!: I replied.  Sometime later Toreka caught up to me and it was cool to have a friend running with me.

After the VEEEEERRRrYyYyY!! LLLOOnnnggg RUN! I I finally finished with an aching leg. I felt proud of myself. It was the worst thing I've ever done.

Thanks to Vanila Fa'amausili for checking my work.


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