Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Makes a Champion?

My opinion is that good athletes have natural abilities and work hard.  Its got to do with good training, desire, dedication and having a positive attitude.  Why I am thinking this is because many athletes we see or watch on television,  they have self-motivation and you can see that they had practise, practise and PRACTISED!! I am hoping that I will be a good athlete one day only if I work hard and have ‘good’ genes.   

Have you seen the man who beat the world record in the “HIGH JUMP?”  I was amazed as soon as I watch it this morning.  Did you know how high it was? Well it was like, double Mrs Nua’s height. Cool right, I wish I was as fit as that champion. That man had a very tough life. He didn't have a fridge in his house before he won medals. To be a champion is to have faith and believe in yourself a lot. Athletes are good role models to others because they try their best to achieve their goals but most importantly,  they might have to be more keen, have determination and have the willpower.  All athletes will have to  a have coach that will push them forward,  give them skills and teach them with discipline.

What makes a good athlete?  Well they will need the genes and have potential. ‘Potential’ means having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.

I think that everyone can have the right to be a great athlete.  Great athletes make the most of their time and I feel like an athlete after all. CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP!!


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