Monday, August 13, 2012

Made Up Story Which I Wish Will Happen!! "The London Games"

I never knew I was going to be one of these. I also didn’t realize that we were going to it.  ‘We’ are my family and I. My sister Valerie is competing in the Olympics again.  She has been competing in shot-put event for lllooonnnggg!   
One day, Valerie came and told my family and I that there was going to be another Olympics and just reminded us NOW!!  “We are going to LONDON!! Woo  Hoo” I shouted while I was excited. I went over excited that that my father told me to hush up!! I couldn’t wait because we are leaving in 2 days.

It was time for us to leave and finally it was that time when I get over excited to go to London. The last time I went to London I was spoilt and hopefully I get spoilt again.  We were on the PLANE!! UP UP UP and AWWAAAY we go!!!  

“Sanah, Sanah wake up we’re in England now.” My mum said. As soon as I heard it, I got up straight away and there I was on the beautiful place, ENGLAND!  My family and I plus our representers, went to a beautiful hotel in England and it was the same hotel we were staying in before when we came for a holiday. We were at the hotel at UK.

Finally it was the Opening Ceremony and I was sitting in the best seats with all the others.  There were lots of performances and it was amazing to see famous athletes and while they were going around and around in between the crowd, I saw Usain Bolt! The fastest man in the world.  it was cool and one of the best Olympics I’ve been to.  After a long night,  we went back to the hotel and rested until the next day where sister is competing tomorrow.

We woke up early and left the Hotel. It was no where near time for Valerie to compete so we went and watched the athletics and I was surprised to see how fast Usain Bolt ran.  After all, it was time for Valerie to ace it again in shot put. We went to watch her game at night time and it was cool. I was so spoilt and feeling good while we were watching her.  Finally, she got a medal but this time, she came second. I was proud of her but things get complicated most of the time.

All that time has passed and it was the closing ceremony.  There were lots of other performances. The famous Emeli Sande sang for the athletes and she performed really well. Next there was a cool performance by this band or church thing but they went very well. It was great and amazing to see the other famous people even One Direction were there singing “What Makes You Beautiful.”

I felt happy and hopefully I will get to go again to the next Olympics in Brazil.

We were at home again. We were shocked to hear good news. Valerie actually WON!! She talk the GOLD MEDAL!! Why? Well, because the girl that beat her took drugs which was called, "Anabolic Steroids." "YAY" It was a touch of greatness.


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