Wednesday, April 10, 2013

100 Word Story "Vivacious Key!"

(Do you remember my story about "The Car Suddenly Stopped?" This is a similar narrative but about something shiny I see and was determined to find out what it was.)

My weary eyes glanced out the window in recognition of something sparkling on my rime grass. What could it be? Slipping my gown and slippers on, I was determined to sight that scintillating flash of silver. Down the stairs, and outside into the breezy air I went. As I walked towards it, “Wow” I sighed in tiresome as it was just my house-key which I had left outside last night. It was also a “Whew” lucky me. Running back onto the stairs I went. I walked to the front door, inserted the key and “Uh-oh.” My key was stuck, “SNAP!”


Mr. Hutchings said...

Hey Hosannah,

It's a hard job fitting a full story into just 100 words. You've done brilliantly. I hope you never get caught with a broken key in the lock it isn't fun.

Awesome work, Keep writing :)

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